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Obama’s Ears – or, Where are the grownups?

Posted by James Lewis on December 12, 2006

Senator Barack Obama - Presidential ears?Today’s news is that Maureen Dowd, star of The New York Times Op Ed Page, had the temerity to ask Sen. Barack Obama about his ears. He immediately took her aside and told Ms. Dowd never to mention his ears again, because he, Senator Obama, widely hyped as our New Presidential Hope, is sensitive about the matter. You see, he was teased about them as a child, and hasn’t ever gotten over it.

Ms Dowd didn’t apologize, but did something much worse: She explained that it was all for his own good, “to toughen him up,” thereby revealing the NYT’s high standard of journalistic objectivity.

Think of FDR as an invalid, Harry Truman’s unsavory associations with Boss Pendergast, JFK’s rum-running dad, LBJ’s magic fortune. Think of Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and II. Yes, they had plenty of faults, but they were grown up.

Obama’s ear sensitivity is a weird little story, but it’s also a tale of our times. On the Dowd-Hillary-Obama-Bill-Chip side of the political spectrum we are governed by children who have never needed to grow up.

Pray we will never be governed by them.

Where are the grownups?

42 Responses to “Obama’s Ears – or, Where are the grownups?”

  1. Anonymous said

    “If hypercomplex systems were predictable, NASA would have foolproof space shuttles — because they are a lot simpler than the climate.”


    I wonder if this also applies to things like driving on ice, or workplace decisions. If they were at all predictable, then NASA would have foolproof space shuttles. So why drive a car, or go to work at all? Oops, I forgot. NASA space shuttles are good enough to fly into space and return 99% of the time. I guess this “scientist” never learned the meaning of predictability.

  2. drewas said

    “NASA space shuttles are good enough to fly into space and return 99% of the time.”

    Space shuttles have a near 100% failure rate, it is just that most of those failures are not catastrophic.

  3. Bloefeld said

    On the space shuttle. Everything fails. It’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics. On the Climate, global warming and climate change are not one and the same.

    On Obama’s ears, do you think if Iran starts calling him Jumbo or something he will just cave at negotiations? I’m afraid the truth is yes, if you are so vain that you think having big ears is more important than a big idea, then I guess that tells us all we need to know. Perhaps America’s current obsession with a dead blond with a giant rack is a replacement for news, we get what we deserve.

  4. Peter Grynch said

    This weekend Obama promised that he would immediatly pull US troops out of the civil war in Iraq. Then, in a bizarro moment so far unnoticed by the mainstream media, he promised to send US troops to fight in the civil war in Darfur.

    This is the military genius the Democrats are pinning their hopes on?

  5. Dale Emde said

    Re: Obama’s ears.
    Why didn’t Obama just reply; “the better to hear you with my dear.

  6. dan kuennen said

    He could just claim that he is a good listener and is all ears.

  7. mark said

    So basically Obama is an insensitive crybaby, because he wants “journalists” to focus on what matters rather than trying to smear him? I only hope that if you really do care about this, you’ll at least be as offended when someone on Fox News or some Republican complains about how the “liberal” media is just out to get them when they’re caught doing something wrong.

    How exactly is that so bizarre? Unless you honestly think Democrats are all pacifists who “hate America” or whatever the latest meaningless rhetorical phrase is, those are two different situations. Iraq is a lost cause, we tried to “liberate” a people who never asked for it (and of course no one seriously thinkgs the Bush administration was doing it out of altruism), and learned that spreading democracy at the barrell of a gun doesn’t work. Darfu is a humanitarian crisis, and many people there actually do want our help.

  8. Don Ciccio said

    “Maureen Dowd – New York Times gossip columnist” (don’t know who sayd that but it was brilliant!)

  9. Jery L. Rider said

    Dear James Lewis, (Screw someone’s ears!) The American Thinker has been a must-read for me for some time now, my “Morning Newspaper!, and there is nothing I look more forward to than your consistently powerful, informative, vital words of warning of what America, and the free world, faces. Please keep it up and know the faithful readers continue to depend on the knowledge you impart. Thanks, and God bless you. For America and freedom. Warm regards, Jerry Rider

  10. Anonymous said

    James Lewis apparently has forgotten that you don’t reporters shoulnd’t resort to outright lies. Just when exactly did the president of Iran say “Iran has the right to nuclear weapons.”?

    I guess the truth doesn’t fit the agenda of the American Thinker.

  11. Andy said

    Wow. What a hard-hitting piece. Yes, where are the grown-ups? Apparently not here. I think the grown-ups are actually dealing with the Iraqi mess.

    Studies say: 4 out of 5 retired generals are smarter than you.

  12. Personal for Mr. James Lewis: Your article on Illegal Immigration closely parallels that which I have proposed for years.
    It would be appreciated very much if you will provide a FAX number to which I might forward you some of what I have written and sent to the President and also to various members of the Congress In addition I will include a possible approach to resolving the problem of “Anchor Babies. Thank you

  13. What a bunch of BUNK. This is a blog for the crazies! I haven’t found anything on James Lewis’ site that stands up to reason! Al Gore is a genius, the Bible is a great book but can’t be taken literally, etc. etc. I could go on and on, but think I’ll instead find some intelligent writings to read.

  14. Ameri said

    Oh yes, ear “sensitivity” is such a descrimater to a country leader….what about how a country leader has actually “run into the ground” every business he was ever “given” or ahem, endowed by daddy to run…like the the Rangers, Oil “venture” etc…it goes on much longer…

  15. Hello!

    1. The rest of the world knew that the Prez of Iran was a ringleader in the hostage taking in 1979.

    Why didn’t you know that until just now?

    2. Let’s see? Democrats are infants and Republicans are “Grownups”. GW..yeh, I see that!

    3. Obama’s ears are a function of genetics. Maybe you all don’t believe in that stuff, Mendell and all that! So what does the shape of one’s ears have to do with politics?

  16. Jesse Lee Peterson is correct. Sharpton & Jackson are race arsonists. Instead of taking responsibility for myself,I shine the headlights into your eyes. I hereby defrock Sharpton & Jackson of the title “Rev.”. The Christian message is forgiveness,reconciliation and taking responsibility and then; stop looking for excuse to skirt what I really am. What you are is a poo-poo diaper telling another that he stinks.

  17. Robert said

    There are no protests here about what’s going on in Myanmar because there is no anti-American angle. If you’re a Leftist, you believe that America is as bad or worse than Myanmar. Therefore, you can’t, in good conscience, protest all those killings. It would be like the pot calling the kettle black.

  18. Rick Miller said

    You would’ve had a great time blasting Abe Lincoln’s appearance, too.

  19. Harley2007 said

    After reading your article on AT today it’s obivious to me that Huckabee is no coincidence.
    In truth he is another Perot and his job is to destroy the Republicans and get Hillary elected.
    Although you did not say this, from your article it is as plain as day to me.
    Thanks for all you do.

  20. Lyzurgyk said

    This is similar to nobody ever talking about Laura Bush’s vehicular homicide.

  21. A Chick Not For Hillary said

    The only babies are the one’s who enjoy bitching and moaning that they don’t have a viable candidate to replace their on the take leader Bush.

    Sorry you have to witness a point and time in history that you totally can’t relate to either. If it were in the past, you people would be backing McCarthy and accusing movie stars of treason…oh wait, you do that. If it were in the past, you people would be standing on the sidelines while throwing school books and garbage at us as we entered the building. At least some of us have come a long way.

    You all are a bunch of extremists to which no true moral virtue exists, but your warped exclusive one. Go blow up an abortion clinic with the profits that you made by hiring all those damned illegal Mexicans to build your houses and mow your lawns.


  22. Beverly G said

    Dear Mr. Lewis,

    As the mother of a serving special ops pilot returning for his 7th tour, I do hope you are correct in saying that voting for any Republican over the Dems bears out.

    Frankly, I think we have written our own demise. And none of those running I am comfortable with as Commander in Chief. I just see no hope. We are our own undoing.
    But what do I know, I am just a cattle rancher and mother sending her son again to war.

    East Texas Rancher

  23. golfer6716 said

    Amen brother, Yes we are governed by leaders that never grew up. What a perfect way to describe President George Bush!@ A moron drunk, cokehead, who never made a dime on his own without the help of Daddy and a wife who helped the little boy get sober. And a President who slept through Geography class, as he didn’t know where to find Bin Laden as he confused Afghanistan with Iraq. Bush will go down in history as the most ignorant President in history. But that actually makes sense. The religious Right, I mean wrong elected him.

  24. Marcia Hewitt (Marcie Lewis) said

    Hello Jim

    Are you the same Jim Lewis that I knew in the People’s Information Center Days? If so please write back. I live in Perth with three kids all university graduates and husband Peter.

    Marcie (Hewitt) Lewis

  25. Phil H. said

    Obama is a big boy in a big business.
    You work in the kitchen, you have to survive the heat.

    Just read what “Gopher6716” thinks about GWB. Yes GWB did get a Drinking ticket. His wife gave him her wrath. He quit. His personal records have always been on the table for everyone to see, unlike the Clinton’s records. The Clinton’s had 160 law suits against them. Females left the USA cause they feared for their lives. Some were killed first. None of the 3 finalist have ever ran a business. The USA is the largest most successful Business on the Planet. The “US” is about 3.6% of the worlds Population, yet we produce about 22 to 24% of the Worlds goods. Our systems with all it’s falts really works, but we have a lot of ememies. 85% of the worlds population does not live in freedom as we do. Yes 85%!

    Jonnie says Al Gore is a Genius!!! Well http://www.junkscience.com has a standing offer that’s becoming larger every minute to Al to PROVE what he has been brainwashing you with. If Al can get this through the UN, all the real workers in the “US” will have to pay a very hefty tax probably until we rewrite the Constitution after our internal war. By then Al will have become a Billionaire cause some of this Tax $ goes to him. I say that makes him a “CON MAN” not a Genius. The very wealthy don’t have a lot of their $$$ in this Country to be taxed by the laws they impose on you. It’s far cheaper for them to keep it in other countries.

    GWB will go down in History of being one of the better Presidents we have had. He has opened our oil fields in the US. We have more oil than all of the rest of the world at present. However we have only tested about 50% or less of what the world has to offer. On internet about a year ago, General Electric was saying in 2 years with 100 billion $$ input, America will have the most Powerful Cleanest burning Fuel on the Planet for $14 to $18 per barrel. The Left should be demanding the news networks why they are not talking about this. I know why, cause it’s their plan to tell you they did it not GWB. 80% of the land is in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. 20$ is privet land. Nevada and some of the other states have some to. It’s called “Cobonized Sunlite”.

    As for Al Gores Glob Waming BS Recent real Science info backed up by drilling 6000 holes in the Planet to prove it, says that the ICE CORES are way more accurate that what the UN and the none Scientist are telling you. The SUN has 70,000 to 1 influence on our weather then the Humans. So fact is, if you doubled the humans on the planet then it would be 70,000 to 2!

    I’ll bet Jonnie has no idea how many molecules of Ozone are in a 100 cubic yard area within the Ozone area around our planet and how to prove this? You’ve all been told that Ozone is a problem and is being lost. Why then is the way most ozone is created is by Sun lite striking the ocean that is 71.5% of the planet. The only way to stop Ozone of being produced would be “Putting out the Sun”. Fat Chance!

    Mkaku.com could maybe help you.
    The weather channel starter wants to Sue Al.

    • DemRepub said

      Phil H,

      You have done some reading; quite topical. There is a direct correllation between CO2 and Climate Change that cannot be explained by any other means. Not to say that there aren’t other factors that affect the climate, but Greenhouse Gasses, exacerbated by deforestation and the burning of Carbon Based Fuels in the developing world have, and will continue to, affected weather and climate. Take a look at how much the Petol Industry spends fighting Climate Change Legislation. Although Al Gore in my opinion is a poor ambassador for the environment, Exxon Mobil will spend more money lobbying this quarter than he will make in his entire lifetime. Also, just for fun, let’s take a look at corporate stewardship of the environment, or rather the lack thereof. In fact, just for kicks, research Keypone and the James River, and it will explain why this gun-toting outdoorsman can no longer eat the fish from the waterways owned by the people.

      What is my point? That the very folks who have put out the information you are quoting are generally paid consultants, like Professor John Christy, who have labored for the Oil Industry and are not beneath accepting their oily contributions.

      Do you really beleive the world will continue to exist, with human life, if we destroy our Ecosystem?

  26. Nick said

    I have yet to read a criticism of Senator Obama from Mr. Lewis that is anything more than an ad hominem attack. Please stick to the issues.

  27. Keith Lehman said

    James Lewis:
    I think you meant “political scientist, Matthias Kuentzel” – you misspelled his name. He has been an occasional guest writer at my e-journal blog, Lighthouse Patriot Journal and listed as such on my authors page.

  28. Jeugenen said

    By working closely with the Europeans in cultural exchanges, trading oil for technology; and by totally ignoring the continuous provocations by Israel’s Judeo-fascists and the politically desperate Podhoretz Neo-Cons and Leiberman Neo-Libs in the American government,Iran shall achieve peace and prosperity. Her role models are contemporary India, and postwar Japan and Germany.

  29. We make a lot of judgement about people based on ad hominem presumptions. Nevertheless, these sometimes help us weed out those people we can trust from those we cannot. Obama is certainly not a “bad” person but he changes his positions on important issues very quickly. I don’t know why he does this. It makes me mistrust him even though I usually lean left on a lot of social issues. Saying the word change is not enough. It would be easier to believe him if he would stick to his very leftist opinions and let the voters decide. I will likely vote for him simply for the fact that he will probably get to choose 2 to 3 new Supreme Court justices during his term. That having been said, I am not sure at all what he will change policy-wise, nor how well he will work with Congress. His inexperience shows, but McCain, despite his steadfast opinions, will never get my vote as I disagree with him on where this country should be going in the future. I thought Gore was silly on many issues, but at least he stated his case, and I could see which way he meant to lead the country. Obama needs to decide where he stands and give us all that information. Hope only goes so far. I need to understand a leader and make decisions based on that. I am disappointed by his shifts. It seems like a lot of other people are as well. Audacity can be defined as bold behavior or as impudence. I am not sure which definition to ascribe to Obama at this point. Perhaps, in the coming months, he will provide a solid understanding of which definition he means when he says this. I hope that is the case because at this point I do not feel very hopeful about his positions at all.

  30. michael said

    Jews are ugliest for shure !

  31. Fuck you said

    You are so stupid.

  32. Happy Afirican American said

    Honestly, I have no opinions about anyhting on your current page just accidently came across one of you articles “Whites can’t make Blacks Happy” and the link led me to here. I know there are a lot of angry insecure people in America right now. Your comments are foolish and the people that follow your blog are obviuosly of the same mindset. The funny thing is African Americans do not think about all of you as much as you think or would like to think. As far as happiness, you sound like a miserable person so I wonder who makes you happy, green people? If you remove this from your blog it is no problem with me you are just one more little insignificant angry man that will never have a real following that you so crave and obviously will never amount to much more than one more angry man without a real purpose in this world…jealous and insecure about Obama.

    As for me I am darn Happy with or without you following the leader of this country and writing angry blogs like a little girl

    (oh did I forget to say you are not the president and never could be perhaps that is why you are so sad!)

    signed one Happy African American

  33. Happy African American said

    so bent out of shape of this guy’s stupid thinking I spelled my title wrong
    Make that African American said…

  34. jayvee said

    just think of what you can do to your country.. Yeah, it will also depend on the leader but what would matter most is the thought that you DID SOMETHING for your country.

    An effective leader is nothing if not for its people.

  35. so bent out of shape of this guy’s stupid thinking I spelled my title wrong

  36. You are so stupid.

  37. Red Pepper said

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