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Media: Obama Shazzama, Hillary’s stalking horse.

Posted by James Lewis on December 14, 2006

Why the sudden hype?

Where is the sudden wave of love for Obama coming from?

Like a Relevation straight from Above, the beatification of Barack Obama has now taken off. Our hard-bitten journos are Dreaming of Obama with stars in their eyes.

It’s a sight that would have that old news guy H.L. Mencken rolling on the floor in stitches.

The Media pretends not to know where all the hype is coming from, as if they didn’t manufacture it themselves. It’s just another sleazy piece of showbiz from our contemptible media industry. It brings to mind the “spontaneous mass demonstrations” that the Soviets, Castro, Kim and the Chinese used to conjuring up at the drop of a hat. But a lot of people fall for it. What is it that makes liberals so gullible?

Here is an hypothesis. After all, the media don’t donate their “spontaneous” billion dollar ad campaigns to just anybody.

The easiest guess is that Obama is a stalking horse for Hillary.

Why the rush to kiss any exposed anatomy on a guy who’s been a Senator for only two years? From a Democrat perspective Barrack Obama has the advantage of having no track record at all. So our hype merchants can manufacture whatever image they think will sell. It’s like a Britney Spears publicity stunt — but who’s pulling the strings?

It’s got to be the Clinton Machine. Why? Because so many media powerhouses are simultaneously cuddling up to lovable old Obama. One favorable journalist is routine. The whole bizarre gang all at the same time is a plan, probably hatched in some disreputable Washington drinking fest. The Clinton War Machine is by far the most connected operation in the Democrat Party.

But what’s their strategy?

It’s plain that Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to announce yet. She needs time to maneuver. If Iraq goes bad, Hillary will sound like John Kerry without the raspy voice. If it gets better, she will become a centrist on foreign policy. But while Hillary is zigging and zagging to snaffle the Democrat Left without losing the national center, she doesn’t want any others to start generating excitement. Liberals are utterly famished for power, even with no policy ideas. So Hillary and Bill need a stalking horse to hold the nomination open.

Enter Barack Obama.

It looks like John Kerry’s latest sneer at the expense of the US military was played up by the MSM to nail Kerry’s hopes early on. As for Al Gore, his personal Mission to Save the Planet isn’t having any impact: So the media had to fall in love with a wonderful guy!

Dreaming of Obama.

Here’s a guess: The Democrats are deathly afraid of a GOP ticket with Condi Rice for 2008. There’s no assurance that Dr. Rice is interested, and she probably doesn’t relish the unavoidable mud bath of electoral politics. But the Clintons may have taken private polls showing that a lot of Americans would like a presidential ticket with Condi in the Veep slot. Those are the same voters who might go for Obama at first sight, and for the same reason: They are both Black candidates who seem articulate and knowledgeable. So Hillary might be dangling the prospect of Barack Obama as Veep candidate in order to snap up the undecideds in 2008. Behind the scenes, Bill has probably made a few phone calls to Barack Obama about the glittering possibilities for the future — if he plays along with the Clinton Machine, of course.

Neither Obama nor Rice have the domestic political clout to be nominated for president. But Romney-Rice could be an exciting ticket for the GOP, especially if Romney does a better job of learning his lines.

  • http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2006/09/23/romney_seeks_to_be_alternative_to_mccain/?page=1
  • Mitt Romney looks like a conservative with a positive program for the future, a Gingrich conservative without Newt’s baggage from the 90’s. A Romney-Rice ticket would attract many Republicans who want a more domestically conservative president, with the added strength and experience in foreign policy.

    If the Iraq situation settles down by 2007, Condoleezza Rice will strengthen the ticket. She is a most admirable woman. Like Clarence Thomas, Dr. Rice symbolizes the potential for poor and oppressed Blacks from the rural South to leap to top levels of national leadership in a single generation. She is our version of Horatio Alger, a powerful icon of America’s story of hope.

    So the Leftist media will adore Obama and trash Condi. Tragically, neither her gender nor her race will protect Condi Rice from the fate of Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, or any other African-Americans who wander off the liberal reservation. At the same time, Condoleezza Rice sends such a powerful message of conservative hope by her values, her immensely hard work, high motivation, and outstanding achievement, that Republicans would be well advised to keep her in mind for 2008.



    37 Responses to “Media: Obama Shazzama, Hillary’s stalking horse.”

    1. […] On his blog James Lewis asks where is this sudden wave of love for Obama coming from? His answer? Media supporters of Hillary Clinton. […]

    2. M. Simon said

      He has a track record in Illinois.

      Part of the Chicago Machine which is under heavy corruption probes. (Obama was involved with Rezko).

      As an Illinois Legislator he was another Communist from Chicago.

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    4. real genius said

      no offense, but you’re a moron.

      i read your article on ‘lefty fascists’ and you should really try to learn what the word means because you obviously have no understanding of it. fascism is what Eisenhower warned of us when he told us to fear the military-industrial complex. that blurring of the lines between corporation and government, when the government starts using the military to extend and protect economic and corporate interests. that’s fascism, and that’s what this administration attempted to do under the guise of ‘spreading democracy’ in Iraq. one needs to understand what democracy is before spreading it, and this administration has about a 5th grade level understanding. people like wolfowitz, bill kristol, cheney, bush, rumsfeld, they’re fascists and they don’t even know it. they don’t care at all about the american people, they only care about extending american corporate interests abroad.

      you’re blind
      you’re deaf
      you’re a moron and people like you are what’s wrong with this country.

      you throw around ‘lefty fascist’ but you’d be the one who would be standing next to hitler and then trying to say you were only following orders after they threw you in with the other war criminals.

      neo-cons = neo-fascists

    5. Not so Genius said

      This guy is a Real Genius,

      He understands what Democracy is therefore supports the countries that are spreading freedom…

      Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Venuzuela, Iran, etc.

      Yes my friends he the epitmone of a good socialist, communist and islamo facist.

    6. faceless said

      I just read your article today in “American Thinker” in which you stated that people in London had taken the position of “the aggressors” in showing support for Hizbollah. I’ve no idea how you came to the conclusion that they are (or were) the aggressors – have they ever invaded Israel? No, they have simply been trying to take back the land that was stolen from them. If you think that makes *them* the aggressors then maybe you wouldn’t mind being called the criminal if you retaliated after I broke into your house, stole all your stuff, and murdered your family?

      I would have made this point in a more relevant place, but there didn’t seem to be a reply section on that Thinker site

    7. mark said

      I noticed you recently wrote an article on americanthinker.com (probably an oxymoron like Fox being “fair and balanced”) claiming that global warming is a good thing, because the added sunlight would help cure depression and make people feel better. That is honestly the most absurd thing I’ve ever read. First, global warming does not mean added sunlight. The main greenhouse gases, like CO2 certainly don’t cause any additional light to get through. They do however trap the heat in, the world would be warmer not brighter. While some people do have depression that can be alleviated by sunlight, and simple measures can help like prescribed light treatments or getting out in the sun, the idea that global warming would help them is ridiculous. The other “facts” you say are bunk to anyone who’s done any basic research on the matter.

      And of course, I always get a good chuckle when a Republican, often receiving money from a think tank or lobbyist, with orwellian style logic says that we shouldn’t try to achieve energy independence or raise the minimum wage or something because it would hurt poor people. Yep, you don’t want to raise the minimum wage because you are concerned about the poor, riiiight. Similarly you’re not fooling anyone when you claim global warming is good for humanitarian purposes. I mean, do your yourself honestly believe that?

      Finally, in this specific post, the mainstream “liberal” media (which isn’t really liberal afterall) is glorifying Obama because they love Hillary! Man, conservatives sure could take a few logic classes. Your “logic” on this is absolutely priceless!

    8. Dave Reed said

      I think the main reason the press is deifying Obama is that he’s the first black politician any of them have ever heard that actually sounds like he learned something in school. What other black leaders do we have? Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? That idiot congresswoman from California? Obama is educated and eloquent, and isn’t blaming “whitey”. Finally, the press has a black man other than Martin Luther King. They aren’t going to investigate his background or supporters, or mention his lack of experience, he’s a smart black guy, what more do you want?

      Wait a second . . .the only black leader that sounds like he has any sense? A Black Conservative has lot’s of profiles and news about black leaders that make sense. I wonder why the press isn’t fawning all over them? It must be something else after all . . .

    9. Dr. Barry S. Philipp said

      The reason the liberals are so gullible is that they are controlled by fear. Many children who are born durn a war experience fear, but their thinking brains are too immature to control it. As a result, they grow up and will re-experience this fear for the rest of their lives. The original fear takes control of the mind as is expressed as any negative emotion or behavior. They live with the fear of not being accepted and this is why they don’t want to offend the Muslims. This is the real reason they want to end the war in Iraq.

      Their fear is also the reason why they have no plan on how to save this nation from the Islamic Radicals.

      Dr. Barry S. Philipp
      Author: The Fear Factor, The Core of a Desperate Society.

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    11. Anonymous said

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    20. Buzz said

      How can you, or anyone, possibly consider this Muslim, who will not honor the flag/anthem,(See Newsweek)worthy of the Presidency? He refused to take his oath of office on the Bible. He is a card carrying representative of the people who wish us dead. This guy is an infiltrator. Where ever he goes in our government, he will carry the jihad/sharia war blanket with him.

    21. Buzz said

      It’s difficult to ascribe logic/reason to anything A’jad does, since he so distinctly advocates insane solutions to everyday problems. ‘Death to America’, ‘Wipe Israel off the map.’ ad nauseum. Like most psychopaths he straddles that border between genius and insanity on a daily basis. His goal is to bring about the release of the little boy in the well at Qom. He is a world ender philosophically in order to bring on the 12th Imam. Sounds a little nuts, doesn’t it? Nuf Sed.

    22. retro said

      As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

    23. AndyJ said

      You’re references to Norman Hsu are dated… Altho his indictments may yet spring some additional investigations. The parallel pointing his donations and those of others could show a “guiding spirit” directing the firehose of Democrat money to selected candidates. That would be in violation of something wouldn’t it-?

      The REAL sleeping dog is the SEC investigation into Vinod Gupta and InfoUSA and his relationship to Hillary, Billary and Nancy… It’s one thing to spend your own money. It’s another to spend the public shareholders money… It’s also interesting to see where the Democrats got their data info and who did the calling, polling, screening-?

    24. Ish Ka-bibble said

      You are truly a wackjob conspiracy promoter.

    25. SickOfIIt said

      Barack Hussein Obama has about as much true integrity as a fungus.
      All this holier than thou vocalizing, starting each of his responses to his debate questions with “Look,” and that constant pointed finger (do you really like listening to someone who is constantly pointing a crooked finger at you when talking?).
      I’ve been what your page considers a ‘lefty’ for years, but even I’m not falling for this guy.
      And I’m reallllly tired of that fake southern accent when he shows up in the South.
      Have you ever seen someone manipulate the race card this much?
      And as far as the po’ kid who suffered injustic all his life that he pretends to be, look at the truth behind his life– all priveledge, all the time. and when he needed something, he called upon affirmative action to help him out. I can’t stand this guy. And it’s a sad day that has come when we take a guy like this, who seems more like a product of Madison Avenue than a real human being, and try to pin our patriotic confusion on him.

    26. Anonymous said

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    27. Sodbuster said

      Romney’s track record is as or more liberal than BHO. He is no conservative!

      A McCain/Condi ticket would be a Democrat ticket, pre-1968.

      Hillary is a fascist and BHO straddles the line between Lenin and Mao.

      There is still time for delegates at the GOP convention to vote for a Reagan conservative.

    28. Ed said

      Obama is just another Jimmy Carter socialist, only worse!

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    31. Patty said

      Guess you were way off course. The media did not create the image of Obama. He is what he is. He did after all win the presidential nomination. Condi who? Maybe you will be able to look up to McCain’s running mate, hey, there’s a lot of experience. We can be confident that if the Republican party wins and something were to happen to the president, the vice president would be able to get us through any crisis with her car pooling abilities and hunting down moose. I suggest you start listening to something other than the Fox “noise.”

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