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News: Ahmadinejad was a hostage taker.

Posted by James Lewis on December 15, 2006

According to an astonishing report confirmed by former Iran President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was indeed one of the 1979 hostage takers. Time to chew the carpet?

The confirmation comes from a book written by Mark Bowden, Guests of the Ayatollah: The First Battle in America’s War With Militant Islam. Bowden has produced an in-depth study of the 444-day hostage taking, which included mock executions and interrogations, run by a wildly paranoid group of Khomeini followers. Khomeini himself was utterly misinterpreted by the Carter administration as a peaceful religious figure — Andrew Young called him “some kind of saint” — when of course he turned out to be a murderous fanatic. As President, Jimmy Carter and his NSC Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinsky, refused to back the pro-American and modernizing Shah against the “peaceful” coup by a coalition of Khomeiniacs and Leftists. The CIA was utterly clueless, and when Khomeini’s articles were translated into English they turned out to be violently anti-Western, anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic. But the Carter Administration still denied the evidence of its own eyes.

Sounds familiar?

Bowden’s important book is reviewed in today’s Real Clear Politics by political scientist Matthias Kuentzen.

In 1979, a 23-year-old Mahmoud Ahmadinejad figured among the core group that prepared the seizure
of the American embassy. According to then-Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, Ahmadinejad was not only present in the occupied compound, but served as liaison between the hostage-takers and Ali Khamenei, at the time one of the most important Friday preachers in Tehran. Khamenei himself, today Iran’s Supreme Leader, visited the hostage-takers repeatedly in the compound. Ali-Akbar Rafsanjani, today Iran’s third most important political figure, was in 1980 the chairman of the Parliament and in this capacity he shared responsibility for the prolongation of the hostage crisis.

The Khomeinist seizure of the US Embassy ultimately brought down the Jimmy Carter presidency. The hostages were quickly released when Ronald Reagan took office. Apparently Khomeini was more afraid of Reagan than Carter. Both Carter and Brzezinski still deny their personal responsibility for bringing the first radical Islamist regime to power.

As Kuentzen points out:

Today, we are not only facing a second major conflict with Iran, but the West is confronted by the same theological regime, the same ideology of martyrdom — and indeed by some of the same persons.

In the obsessive worldview of the hostage-takers, an all-powerful United States was responsible for all the evils of the world. … Every piece of information coming from the embassy personnel, no matter how innocuous, took on a dark, covert significance. Even their digital watches and ballpoint pens were ascribed special powers, such as are otherwise only to be found in a James Bond film. … The contrast between the reality and the phantasm could hardly have been greater.

Like Stalin, Ahmadinejad plays to Iranian nationalism when it suits him. But is the Khomeini cult really a pro-Iran movement? Or is it ancient Islamist imperialism come back to haunt the world?

Khomeini’s answer:

“We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah,” he declared in a speech in 1980 in Qom. “For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

And in answer to the possibility that US forces might try to rescue the hostages: “”We will destroy you all, even if we ourselves die in the process.”

No it’s not comforting, but that is the reality of the Tehran regime we see today.


129 Responses to “News: Ahmadinejad was a hostage taker.”

  1. M. Simon said

    You might find this of interest:

    The Origins of Islamic Rage

  2. we should be forever grateful for the Carter Presidency, because in convincing the American people that he had to go, he effectively gave us Ronald Reagan.

  3. gumshoe1 said

    i’d agree,Jim O,
    except Carter still hasn’t left.

  4. Ron Cram said

    As a Wikipedia editor, I contributed the entry that cited an Al Jazeera story that claimed Ahmadinejad was one of the planners and had proposed to take over the Soviet embassy at the same time. Even the other Iranians radicals thought it was crazy to try to take over both at the same time! This guy is a nut, a dangerous nut.


  5. mbeals said

    Jimmy Carter has yet to come to terms with his own insignificance even in the face of our lord Christ. He is now, and forever will be, in utter denial of his failed policies in Iran and Afghanistan. Even today he urges dialogue with these very people who would like nothing better than to spray us with bullets and drag our dead bodies through the streets.

    Jimmy wishes to encourage compromise and understanding with the same people whom are uncompromising and without understanding. They, and all other Koran believers, want us DEAD. The only compromise they are interested in is how and by what means shall they kill us.

    It is time for all of us to wake up from Jimmy’s perpetual dream and start dealing with this nightmare.


  6. jonjayray said

    Your article:

    The Left’s identification with murderous aggressors

    also was mistaken about Chomsky’s father

    He was a Communist Hebrew scholar

  7. Mandy Fox said

    This isn’t news. Anyone with halfway decent eyesight could see that he was the guy on the right leading one of the blindfolded hostages out of the embassy. No matter how much the MSM and our government denies it, most people know he was involved.

  8. Fox Watcher said

    You guys are absolutely out of your minds and not about the current President of Iran . . .the first Islamic government to come in to power was put there by the Dullus brothers under the watchful eye of a Republican president. . .Read All the Shah’s Men before you flame me. Then we can have a civil and intellectual conversation . . .

    Regarding your comment “The Left’s identification with murderous aggressors” keep in mind that under Reagan’s watch we sold both Iran and Iraq weapons . . .

    Its not that the left is right or wrong its that both sides are less correct (don’t want to use the word right) Stop being followers and think for yourselves . . .you brainless lemmings.

  9. cfx said

    I too contributed to that Wikipedia article, the part about Ahmadinejad being a reputed mass torturer and executor of prisoners at Evin, but I do question the motivation of the sources, as I question Bani-Sadr’s motivations in this instance.

    Didn’t the CIA disconfirm through some sort of analysis the likeness of Ahmadinejad when the story originally broke a year ago?

    Yes, the potential dangerousness of a man like Ahmadinejad transcends whatever importance of left/right quabbling. Let’s not forget this guy is the real enemy.

  10. Muggins said

    In your article in the American Thinker,
    you allude to the fact that Iran is a threat
    to those nations in the range of it’s ICBMs.
    I would like to say that presently, the U.S. is
    in the range of Iran’s bite, by virtue of the
    thousands of seavans that enter U.S. harbors
    everyday. Inside these containers can be hidden
    dirty radiological, or biological, or chemical bombs.
    In the wake of their detonation, their origin would
    be impossible to track. We are indeed threatened by
    Iran right now. And given the fact that Iranian
    leadership is willing to allow Iran to be obliterated,
    we have no way in predicting what they will do.
    Ahmadinejad might be thinking his timetable for his
    apocalyptic war to usher in the 12th Imam is growing
    short indeed, as the Iranian economy is tanking, U.N.
    sanctions are imposed, the Ruskies are pulling out, and
    his political opposition grows stronger.

  11. Even if the man hadn’t participated in the hostage taking of 78, he sure as hell is in charge of the taking of hostages in 07. Glad you finally got a blog, James. I always love your stuff at AT.

  12. Mark said

    Nice post at American Thinker.

  13. Michael Petek said

    I don’t agree with James Lewis’ article “Trashing Queen Victoria” on the American Thinker website. Those sailors and marines did exactly what they were supposed to do. At a news conference today they testified that they had indeed been mistreated. They also said that it would have been impossible to win an engagement against the Revolutionary Guards who captured them at sea. That’s why theu didn’t open fire. And this evening the Iranians are looking like the usual bunch of barbarians.

    To fight the Iranians now would be to fight them on their terms, not ours. In any case, it doesn’t matter, because Iran is due to acquire by the end of 2008 enough fissile material to make at least one nuclear weapon.

    Just before that point is reached, Israel will turn Iran into a radioactive ruin if the Islamic Republic hasn’t been regime-changed into a pussycat.

  14. Kevin Grimes said

    Perhaps current events will provide us with an opportunity to have justice carried out for the 1979 hostage taking by taking out this jerk. Maybe we’ll be grateful for the fact that he is crossing us at this time. Let’s take him out!

  15. Marcus (the neutral Irishman) said

    Do you ignorant idiots realise just how foolish yous sound?
    Are all Americans so blind as to be unable to recognise that it the very foreign policy that you advocated that has made you such an objectionable nation?
    Why not take a step back and question why it was America who suffered such a terrible fate on September 11. Why not Ireland? Because we, like the majority of the world, have refrained from establishing and supporting corrupt regimes in the Middle East!
    For a nation once so keen to load Saddam with money, guns, gas, ammunition and maps, is it not totally absurd to then turn around and call him a barbaric murderer? And are you surprised that the Iranians despise the US when hundreds of thousands of their people dies at Saddam’s hands whilst the Americans were bending over backwards to support him?

    And Michael Petek, if by the ‘mistreatment’ of the British servicemen in Iran, you refer to the fact that they were blindfolded and frisked, well then try being smeared in faces or forced to commit indecent acts upon your fellow countrymen for the entertainment of British and American troops! HOW SICK!

    Yous should be ashamed of your barbarous outlook on the lives of innocent Middle Eastern civilians.

  16. Dubya Bush said

    Amen, Marcus. The Rethugs will never acknowledge their cult hero’s role in propping up Saddam.

  17. Rich said

    I came to this site through a link on an article at American Thinker. It was basically about how ‘PoMo Marxists’ set the climate for the Virginia Tech mass murders yet here we have James Lewis and his drones salivating over the prospect of mass murder on a national scale.

  18. Marcus (again) said

    Yeah Rich, I read that article as well! Absolutely ridiculous! I think Americans need to look long and hard at their gun laws and stop avoiding the crux of the matter! Allowing such free gun trading is totally illogical!

  19. mwilli05 said

    Hey Marcus,Dubya Bush,

    Why are you consumed with hate for America? History didn’t start with 9/11 or propping up Saddam.
    The left/Socialist hates America and can’t stand our rights ie gun ownership as thread 18 shows. Thanks for showing us all who you are Marcus.

  20. Marcus said


    I would like to make one think clear here. I do not hate America nor do I hate the American people. Don’t try and make me out to be some sort of deranged communists calling for a return to Stalinist values because that is simply not true. I am merely pointing out to the neo-con lunatics posting on this thread, that it is the very foreign policy that you are now advocating, coupled with those you have supported in the past, which now make you the most hated nation in the world! That is not opinion, nor is it politically motivated. It is fact!

    I am an Irishman, and I speak for all Irish people when I say that our nation has been the primary beneficiary of the American influence in the past. When millions of Irish citizens were forced to emigrate to America in the 1800s, they were welcomed with open arms. And more recently, American businesses have been directly responsible for Ireland’s economic growth! So please don’t label me an America-hater because that I am not. However, this doesn’t mean that I will overlook the brutality that has come about as a direct result of American foreign policy in the last 100years.

    As for your ridiculous claim that I don’t like Americans to have rights, don’t talk such rubbish please! Ireland is a liberal society. We have the same freedom of speech rights as Americans. But we draw the line at guns. If the right to own a gun was a logical, rational right, I would support it with open arms. But there’s a slight problem in all of this. It isn’t! Are you honestly telling me that this law is not directly responsible for the huge murder rate in America. Is it a coincidence that America’s rate of gangland shootings is totally disproportionate to the rate of those countries that do not sell guns freely! I do not hate your right to carry a gun. I pity it! When a young, mentally troubled kid can walk into a gun store and buy a weapon by doing nothing more than ticking a box, something is seriously amiss!

    Sorry about the rant but your last post hit a nerve!

  21. mwilli05 said

    In this country we have “The Bill of Rights”, study it sometime. The next time you’re about to be force to learn some other language, in this case Arabic(or German as in the past) let me know i’ll send a post card! We were hated prior to both the world wars but that didn’t keep Europe free or my dad from fighting for you freedom.

    Americans caused brutality huh? Wish you were born to saddarms society…Americans have repeatedly defended freedom when others have turned their heads. I don’t have to list the times do i?

    Question: Hey, if Americans give up their guns do you know who will still have guns?
    Answer: People who don’t follow the law, ie criminals! Duh. How many law abiding people commit murder? none! If i don’t have a gun will a criminal be more likely to leave me alone? You keep the pity because i’m carrying legally! Guns were outlawed on the VT college campus and that’s why the kid killed so many. We had someone locally try that here and he didn’t get the second bullet off because a citizen stop him.

  22. Marcus said

    Jesus Christ Mwilli please! Stop for your own sake because you sound like an idiot!

    Firstly, I don’t care about your bill of rights! The bill didn’t do much for those killed in Virginia or those killed in the attacks on September 11.

    As for your typical ‘America won WWII and saved Europe’. Well newsflash buddy! The
    Americans did very little to stop the Nazis. It was actually the Soviets who struck the fatal blow at Stalingrad! So does that make Stalin a great Freedom fighter? Don’t think so!

    And the Americans weren’t to concerned about European freedom until Pearl harbour in 1941! Surprising that huh? What about the 2 years prior to that when we were fighting the Germans? So don’t don’t spoon feed us that muck! The Americans didn’t fight for anyone but themselves!

    Let’s agree on one thing eh? Saddam was a brutal tyrannical leader! Agreed!
    But who put him in power? America! And was America fighting for the freedom of the reported 100’000 Iranians killed by chemical weapons? No because America was the very country supplying the weapons! Surprised? You should be you fool! Or has your selective American memory kicked in again?

    As for the whole guns law! Are you arguing with fact? America’s gun crime is out of control! Is this simply coincidental? America has on average 2 campus shootings a year! Coincidental? I can’t even remember 1 in my entire 19 year life in Ireland.

    And doesn’t it alarm you that a mental patient was able to buy a gun having done nothing more than tick a box on an evaluation sheet!

    Grow up mate! Life isn’t that black and white!

  23. mwilli05 said

    “Firstly, I don’t care about your bill of rights! The bill didn’t do much for those killed in Virginia or those killed in the attacks on September 11.”

    Who’s the idiot? Please protect me from my self!!!

  24. Marcus said

    Haha good response!

    It’s nice to see you were capable of rebuttal!
    Aren’t you going to deal with my points????

  25. Philemon said

    Marcus is totally wrong. It is not American foreign policy that is driving the hatred. It is the ancient Arabic imperialistic ideology masked as a religion. (Ask yourself why most conflicts around the world involves Muslims and non-Muslims?) Americans aren’t the only ones being killed nor the first. Nor will Ireland be safe from the Sword of Islam forever. Your country is merely lower down in the list. Mark my words, Ireland will be hit by Muslim terrorists too. Islamists are equal-opportunity haters.

    Before 9-11, my country was already hit by Jemaah Islamiah trice even though it is a Muslim-majority country. They bombed a church and a Hindu temple and assassinated a Catholic politician. You can google that if you don’t believe me. I have lived through the transformation of my country from a secular society to an increasingly Islamic one due to Wahabi infuences and have seen fanatism with my own eyes. So, get your head out of the ground and wake up to reality.

  26. Marcus said

    Philemon, firstly I am not wrong. Secondly I don’t know what country you’re from so you might want to make that clear. I can’t really discuss that until you do.

    You are not only stereotyping millions and millions of people, you have also totally misinterpreted what i have said.

    I am not trying to justify Islamic terrorism or any other form of terrorism. I am merely pointing out the the likes of Osama Bin Laden (put in power by the west)have been able to manipulate the Islamic faith to attract the disillusioned youth of the Middle East. they are disillusioned because they see the West as a corrupt influence in their region. I’m not trying to justify their actions, I’m merely trying to understand them. When you root out the cause you have a chance of riding the world of the effect.

    Have you ever heard the phrase ‘one man’s freedom fighter another man’s terrorist’? It’s particularly appropriate.

    By the way, you realise that George Bush said that he heard the voice God telling him to invade Iraq! Does this make Christianity an imperialistic ideology masked as a religion?

    By the way, Saddam was a secular leader. You’d do well to remember that. Sure isn’t that the reason the Americans gave gas, guns and money to savage the Iranians????

    So please ‘get your head out of the ground and wake up to reality’.

  27. starlit said

    It is a sad day when a young Irish lad lectures an American on American history in the 20th century. Sad because it illustrates how skewed the American people’s view of the world has become through replacing historical fact with ideological dogma.

  28. Dbt said

    Marcus, you may not care about our Bill of Rights but WE DO. It is what seperates us from tyrants. It is what set us apart.

    I own and have owned guns my entire life and I have never hurt anyone. It is called morality and personal responsibility. All the laws in the world from leftist do gooders cannot legislate what should be taught in the home.

    As to the US doing little to save Europe I suggest you pick up some books. On this anniversary of D-Day I will remember how little we did for your side. I will remember how we GAVE arms to the UK in a attempt to stop Hitler since Europe, like today, was to spineless to stop him. I will remember the 19,000 US men killed at Normandy in one day was doing nothing. I will remember the men who drowned in swamps because they missed landing sites. I will remember those men who died making you free. The men who did so little for your side.

    When the Muslim Nazi’s march on Eurpoe someday you can kiss my *** because I am not coming this time. Hope your wife like the fashions.

  29. Lesley said

    James: enjoyed your article “Boycotting Decency” over at AT.

    Couple of minor points. The Duke of Windsor was governor of the Bahamas. It would seem that the Germans first approached Edward VIII about a potential return to the throne once England was under German domination. There is no question that the Duke was enamored with Hitler. I just finished rereading Ralph Martin’s “The Woman He Loved” (the Simpson affair, etc) and I find myself appalled by this horrid little man who, while London is being bombed, is harassing Churchill for a better adminstrative position, demanding his personal valet be released from British service and returned to him, and the right of Wallis Simpson Windsor to have be granted the distinction of “Her Royal Highness.” I am not alone. The Duke’s petulant, self-centered whining & demands during WWII ruined his friendship with Churchill, too.

  30. Anonymous said

    Dbt don’t try and guilt trip me because it isn’t going to happen! I have nothing but respect for the soldiers who were the victims of conscription during WWII be they American, German or otherwise! When I referred to ‘the Americans’, I was speaking about the American government! Those who weren’t concerned about the lives of us Europeans until they’re own country was attacked! You still haven’t explained where the US troops were in the two years prior to Pearl Harbour when Hitler was causing such brutal mayhem! Where was the ‘righteous America’ then?

    Maybe it was an over-exaggeration to say the Americans did ‘little’ to stop the Nazis, but they did a sight less than the Russians! And as I pointed out, that doesn’t make Stalin a great guy now does it??

    The reality is that your country wont involve themselves in matters from which they have nothing to gain! Other examples of said theory being the Iraq war, the Iran-Iraq war, the Soviet-Afghan war and the establishment of Israel!

    Please tell me why, if your government are so clearly morally inclined, did they give Saddam chemical weapons to kill 100’000 Iranians?

    As for your point about guns, you sound like a very naive man:
    ‘I own and have owned guns my entire life and I have never hurt anyone. It is called morality and personal responsibility.’
    Unfortunately not everyone is capable of such moral perfection. There is no doubt that regardless of whether you ban guns or not, thugs such as thieves and drug dealers will still be able to get their hands on them! But correct me if you feel differently, because I don’t think that the Virginia Tech killer or those responsible for Columbine looked like so-called thugs or drug dealers for that matter! They looked like troubled kids who were driven over the edge as a result of bullying! If it weren’t for your ridiculous gun laws, they wouldn’t have known the kinda of characters capable of getting them their weapons!

    So are you arguing with fact? Are you saying that America’s astronomical gun crime rates are merely coincidence?
    Or maybe you could blame it on the Muslims you racist, hill-billy!

    I’m sorry about the length of the post, but dealing with such immense ignorance takes time!

  31. Marcus said

    By the way that post was of course mine!

  32. Dbt said

    Well it takes time to pontificate when you speak from a arrogant position of utter ignorance so I forgive you.

    Guilt trip? Your a arrogant leftist. I know your type. You cannot be wrong because you think your on some higher intellectual plane. The hill billy comment makes this clear. You should be careful since you have no idea about that which you speak or my background. Since leftists are so smart tell me my educational background. 3rd grade? PhD? Tell me.

    If you think we did nothing about the Germans then perhaps you need to look up the lend lease program? We supplied the arms to the UK. How come you leaders did nothing? Only Churchill spoke up about Hitler and before the actual outbreak of hostilities nobody in any country did anything to stop him. In fact, had he been oppsed by the UK in the late 1930’s war might have been avoided.

    In the US the public was against going to war. It was not just the Government, it was the population UNTIL after Pearl Harbor.

    We did less than the Russians? Really? If Hitler had not attacked Russi they would have done nothing. Who supplied arms early to the Russians? So what if they worked to defeat Germany? Pick up a history book you arrogant ass. Your post is a bounty of utter ingnorance. I am a expert on WW2 history. Buy a good book, read it and then try again.

    As to my attitude about guns, whats your points? Thet these poor kids were bullied and so it is societies fault? God, talk about PC psychobabble. Everyone was picked on in school. Does that mean go on a rampage? There are 330 million US citizens.

    US Highway Deaths: 42,815
    US Flu Deaths: 36,000
    US Gun Deaths (homicide, suicide, accidental): 28,163.

    Hmm, so we should ban the Flu and Cars also correct?


    Suicide 16,869;
    Homicide 11,348;
    Accident 802;
    Legal Intervention 323;
    Undetermined 231;

    Now I think suicide can be ignored since someone determined to kill ones self can find a way. Accidents are just that. So lets focus on homicides.


    There is 330 million US inhabitants or 10 homicide death per 100,000 people.
    OK, you are right, we have more homicides. Banning guns will do little of nothing to stop this.

    Besides, you have the IRA. Last time I checked Catholics and Protestants here wern’t killing each other.

    Don’t lecture me pinhead. You hate us and you hate my country. Your hatred is so apparent and it seeths and drips from every contemptous word you print. I can feel your rage here. It is utterly irrational. Let me guess, 9-11 was a inside job, the US brought it on and deserved it and we invaded Iraq for Oil.

    Oh, and Israel BTW was established with US help and we defend them despite the FACT that if the Arabs just left them alone maybe the Israelis would do the same? It is sort of like a bee hive. If you screw with bees you get stung. I don’t see the Arabs making one iota of effort. Call me what you want because I don’t care. Until Arab culture earns my respect they won’t get it.

  33. Marcus said

    Jesus Christ what a collection of irrelevant points! You just love avoiding the question don’t you?

    And please, for God’s sake stop twisting what I say! Firstly I never said America did ‘nothing’ to stop the Nazis. I said they did ‘little’. And even that I have conceded was an unfair suggestion! But as I have now pointed out on three occasions, none of which you have attempted to rebut, America’s contribution to Hitler’s demise was less than that of the Russians! My point being that this doesn’t make Stalin a nice guy! So why do you keep harping on about how I should remember what the Americans did for me during WWII, before I criticize what they’ve done in the Middle East! Should I dismiss Stalin’s butchering of millions during the Ukrainian terror famine, on the basis of the good he has done me?

    And I would also like to genuinely (argument aside) suggest that you read, if you already haven’t, ‘Stalingrad’ by Antony Beevor. It is nothing short of fantastic. And in it you’ll find that although American support for Russia was appreciated, the tanks were largely ineffective on the given terrain!

    However to continue, I am grateful for America’s aid during the war, but I am sick of hearing how they ‘saved’ us. It was a joint effort! Nobody saved nobody! And doing one good deed doesn’t give anyone one the right to do multiple wrongs!

    Now I move on to your gun points (note how I am actually dealing with them as opposed to manipulating them, or worse still just down right avoiding them)!
    Again your twisting my words! I called them ‘troubled’ not ‘poor’! And why are you asking me what my point is? I made it clear in the last post you just avoided it! Infact you went one step further and proved it! God you’re such a generous guy! You make the valid point that all kids experience bullying at some stage! Irish kids included! So why haven’t we had 2 horrific mass campus murders in the last 8 years? As I have already made clear on this page, I am 19years old and not once during my life has there been a campus rampage like these! Infact, despite my recognition that a few must have occurred, I can’t even think of a single campus shooting! Fatal or not! Coincidence?

    As for your charitable provision of the US crime figures, they too are being manipulated by your good self!
    You have dismissed the 802 ‘accidental’ shooting, on the grounds that they are ‘just that’! Yes?
    So it’s no surprise you have failed to include a breakdown of the deaths caused by the flu or by car! For if you were to do that, i’d hazard a guess and say that close to 100% of both would come under the heading ‘accidental’!
    So come back to me when your figures are of relevance please!

    As for the IRA, they are a paramilitary organisation, so it’s hardly surprising that they’ve managed to get their hands on weaponry! So I pray for your sake you aren’t trying to equate the organisation with your average crazed gun wielding American are you?

    And AGAIN i’m forced to tread covered ground to deal with the ‘You hate us and you hate my country’ quote.
    I don’t don’t hate your country actually….. I hate YOU….. but NOT your country!
    I have already (that word should be underlinable) pointed out, that your country has done a great deal for mine! I sited their hospitality when many where forced to emigrate from our island, along with their part in our recent economic boom! However you have brought to light another issue for which I should thank your country! Their aid in diffusing the crisis in the North of my country is greatly appreciated. So take your defamatory comments back please!

    As for your closing paragraph, well it’s just plain racist so I couldn’t be bothered trying to argue with you about it!

  34. Dbt said

    I don’t hate anyone. You call me a racist? Why, because I despise a CULTURE (not a race) that teaches children to blow innocents up? I despise a CULTURE that enslaves women as possesions and teaches hatred of all those whom are not “Islamic”? That I despise a culture that threatens the very stability of the world? A CULTURE that is stuck in the 7th century?

    Call me all the names you want but race has nothing to do with it. It is not a racial issue, it is a cultural issue.

    You see, you think you have to be tolerant and understanding of all cutures because we care. Oh yes we care. “Celebrate Diversity” and all that hogwash. Fine as long as you leave me alone.

    BS. I don’t have to tolerate anything I do not like and when I see Mickey Mouse being used to teach children to hate Jews and die in Jihad, well, sorry, I am all out of tolerance. Gee, are Arabs racist? Do you they hate Jews? Do you hate Jews?

    As to the Soviets, I disagree on your notion that they did more. Define more? More deaths? How about the fact they shot soldiers that tried to stop advancing? Why did all the Germans try to flee to the West to avoid capture by the Russians? Sure, they helped defeat Germany, point? Really, your just trying to diminish our role because you hate my nation.

    Was killing more and starting a 70 year oppression of the East doing more?

    What about the Berlin Airlift? Fine, you tired of hearing it.

    Average gun crazed American? Have you actually ever been here or are you, like when I lived in the UK, getting all your info from Oprah? Do you think we all walk around shooting each other? I argue that gun crime here is due to the failures of libeal socialsit policies and tolerance of crime. In my state you have to be convicted of burgulary 5 times to serve 1 year in jail.. 7 times for car theft. As a result we are 6th in car thefts. I take a very dim view of crime. Murder? Death Penalty. If the punsishment is swift and just then crime is lower.

    Second, we live in a world where parents do not teach children morality like they used to. Schools have blocked all religion and any form of behaviour is condoned. When I was in schools we never heard of these problems.

    You hate me? You don’t even know me. See, you HATE. You seeth with rage and it is funny.

    If you had a gun I bet you would kill me?

    The funny thing is I actually like Ireland. YOur the first one I have heard who is so anti-US

  35. Marcus said

    You’re really wandering from your argumentative path!

    I say you’re a racist because there are racist overtones in everything you say! I don’t have to hurl abuse at a black man to be a racist! I could simply look down upon them as you clearly do towards Arabs! That is racism whether you like it or not!

    And let me ask you:
    Q: If Islam is such a wretched religion, and Arabic culture so prehistoric and undesirable, why then did America support Osama Bin Laden? A strident jihadist. Why did they establish the sunni Saddam as Iraq’s leader? And why oh why did they fund, arm and train the Islamic fundamentalists known as the Mujahideen?
    A: Because they wanted power in the Middle East! They didn’t mind perpetuating this ‘7th Century’ culture once it was in their interest! They didn’t care about the oppressed women, or the brainwashed children once they maintained the advantage against Communism!

    I hate Osama Bin Laden! I hate Saddam Hussain! And i hate the American government for giving them the weapons to kill! But you dont!

    Your problem is that you trust your government! Why?
    They have lied to you repeatedly! They spoke of WMDs! Where were they? And if they had of existed, what would have happened the poor American troops?
    They lied to the troops themselves. Promising them they would be greeted with cheers in Iraq! But hundreds have come home in wooden boxes, testimony to the fact that they were greeted with bullets!
    You trust these people?
    You trust them to do what is right for Iraq? Despite their previous misdemeanors?
    You trust a government that wiped another country from the map? Something you will no doubt claim President Armadinijhad said he would do to Israel, despite the fact that he never said any such thing!
    You trust a government who funded the very man who brought down the twin towers on that dreadful day in September?
    You trust the government who supplied the chemical weapons which killed one hundred thousand Iranians?
    You trust the government that supplied the cluster bombs which litter the Palestinian and Lebanese soil, claiming new victims daily?
    And yet i am the ‘pinhead’?
    And you wonder why the Arabs are upset?…..are you actually joking?

    By the way ‘Average gun crazed American’ doesn’t mean all Americans are gun crazed! It’s referring to the those that ARE gun crazed! So don’t assume I’m insulting all you yanks because that wasn’t my point at all!

    If I had a gun i’d ‘probably shoot you’, you say???
    You’re a lucky boy they’re banned then ehh!!!

  36. Dbt said

    Your a mentally ill person and I recommend you get help.

    “Something you will no doubt claim President Armadinijhad said he would do to Israel, despite the fact that he never said any such thing!”

    What sort of total BS is this? Are you actually claiming he has not threatened Israel?

    Geesh, I mean think about your hate and rage. It is utterly irrational.
    I am the problem? Who is it ready to line up the dissenters and shoot? How dare I question your position?

    Your one sick bastard and I pity you. You hate everyone, maybe yourself? Look at the word hate. You are the personification of the left and it is rage and hate filled. You seeth hate. Oh, I can feel your hate. You really need to reflect. In fact, you have said you would shoot me in your last statement which means you are no better than them. What is it like to hate so bad to kill? Is seething rage satisfying? I have never felt such hatred and rage. I cannot imagine the hate which is why I despise the culture of hate like the Arabs. Race? No, culture. You cannot see the difference? No you cannot. Damn it is annoying how so few know history.

    You defend them which means you agree with them. Your the New Age Nazi. Hate mongers of the 21st Century. Apologist for the 21st Century Hitlers. God, your one scary SOB. In the name of compassion and understanding I hate. March on dude. Seig Heil /’

    Who’s the Nazi Marcus?

    Arabs upset, who gives a shit? I will lie awake worrying about them won’t I? How many billions of dollars do we send their corrupt governments? They could have invested those dollars in modern economies, semiconductor plants, R&D. Free states who cold have surpassed all expectation. No, instead they are 7th century shit holes and I am supposed to accept this because why? Because you hate my government? Spare me. While they slit your throat I will lock and load loser.

    For that matter, what do you know about the US anyway dick head? What you read in the news? Oprah?

    Come over here and see for you self what were about. Come over here and tell me about how you hate me.

    What you fail to understand is that I do not always support what my government does. I think we should divest ourselves 100% from the mid-east and develop out our own energy. In fact, I am a screw the world we can do it alone American.

    I have a say. I can vote. How many Arab states have a say and I notice, like all asshole lefist Nazi’s, you avoided this critucal point.

    What if the ARABS left Israel alone? Huh? What if? Oh, what about his crucial puzzle piece? Yeah, I thought so.

    I recommend a mirror for the racist lies within. I am no racist. I care not about race, I care about character. Respect is earned, not assumed and you have failed the test.

    Do you have character? If so then prove it?

  37. Dbt said

    Oh Marcus. I forgot.


  38. a supporter of the irish mans views said

    i cannot believe how pathetic these jibes are from the american accusing this irishman of being a fascist!! i think you need to join the real world and just realise what a mess the usa is becoming and how it is becoming as dangerous as baghdad in places!! if i went to NY id b scared to walk down a street without getting mugged or even shot, in england (where im frm)the chances of getting mugged is high but is incomparable to america!!

    also id like to state the fact that if america had joined the league of nations after the end of ww1 then it may actually have worked instead of being 1 of the big historical failures of the last century!! hitler would have been stopped from breaking all the agreements included in the treaty of versailles if all the big superpowers were in, he would have never risked what he did if he knew that he would be stopped on the spot!!

    id also just like to comment on the american war efforts, my grandfather was telling me how bad the american soldiers were in ww2 in comparison to the british, he said how every land that was taken from the germans was taken back within the next couple of days, also i dont seem to remember how america helped during the battle of britain! we had to fend off the nazis single-handedly and we did one of the biggest upsets in history by defeating the luftwaffe, thirdly and finally the nuclear strikes in japan were an absolute disgrace!! the japanese were saying how they wanted peace and were going to surrender and then suddenly the usa mass-murdered the innocent rice farmers of japan

    the usa is a very corupted country and its no surprise that it is the most hated country in the world! its more hated tht britain at eurovision!! so i hope the american reads these points and just accepts them, he knows its true deep down but the american propoganda has had an effect on his views! just accept them and realise that u shud move to canada!!

  39. Marcus said

    You are an Idiot! Plain and simple!
    Not only are you politically ignorant! You can’t even read! Nor can you spell! Your post are littered with spelling mistakes and you misunderstand everything I say! Sort yourself out you fool!

    You haven’t dealt with one single point I have made, but I will deal with yours! You obviously can’t argue rationally so you’ve decided to launch a personal diatribe against my name! Well guess what! I don’t really care! I don’t know you and you don’t know me so your bitterness is being wasted!

    My point about Armadinijhad is valid!
    He has been accused of saying he will ‘wipe Israel of the map’. I guarantee that a neo-con like yourself has heard this apparent quotation yes?
    Well guess what! This might shock someone who clearly knows so much about what he said, but that phrase doesn’t even exist in the Farsi language! The direct quotation of what he said was ‘Zionism will vanish from the pages of history’! Hardly the proclamation of war or the pretext for an American invasion that you and your buddies have drawn from it! Not to mention that those words are actually a quote from Ayatollah Khomeini, and are not Armadinijhad’s own!
    Again though you avoided the point! The American right wing criticize Armadinijad for saying something he never said! Forgetting the role AMERICA played in wiping a country from the face of the earth not long ago! Remember Palestine? It used to exist! Take a look at your map though and i think you’ll find it’s gone!
    I don’t like Armadinijhad so don’t give me this ‘You defend them which means you agree with them.’ crap! What a typical right wing, black & white outlook on the world! Freedom fighters v terrorists? News Flash! It’s not that simple!

    I never said I’d shoot you if i had a gun! So go back and read my post once more sunshine, because your illiteracy has kicked in again!

    You also accuse me of ‘hate’, and in the same paragraph you go on to say ‘I despise the culture of hate like the Arabs’.
    The word CONTRADICTION springs to mind!
    You obviously can’t even grasp your own language, because the last time I checked a thesaurus the words ‘despise’ and ‘hate’ meant the same thing! No matter how you use them!

    As for the whole, we have democracy, Arabs don’t point! Bullshit!
    What happened in Lebanon when the Hezbollah were DEMOCRATICALLY elected? America refused to recognise the votes of the Lebanese. Effectively denying them their right to democracy!
    What happened in Palestine when Hamas were DEMOCRATICALLY elected! America refused to acknowledge the democratic voice of the Palestinians!
    All this whilst the ‘democratic’ America were financing Saddam’s totalitarian regime! All this whilst the ‘democratic’ America were funding King Abdul Aziz and his totalitarian dictatorship!

    ‘How many billions of dollars do we send their corrupt governments? They could have invested those dollars in modern economies’.
    This is an example of you proving my point once more! We know they haven’t spent it on modern economies. They’ve spent it butchering their own people and building palaces! SO STOP GIVING IT TO THEM!

    ‘we should divest ourselves 100% from the mid-east and develop out our own energy.’
    Again you’re proving my point! America are in Middle East because they themselves are benefiting from it! Not because they care about the ‘freedom’ of Arabs! They are willing to destroy Arab cities, homes and lives to get their beloved energy!


  40. Marcus said

    Obviously that post is aimed at DBT not this charming ‘anonymous’ punter!

  41. Magners said

    The American led invasion of Iraq was about OIL and not about the freedom of the Iraqi people. The USA (as a whole) is hated because they are seen as obnoxious and think that they have the god given right to interfere in every other country’s business when they clearly have much more important issues to sort out on their own doorstep. They can’t see anything wrong with the way they act.

  42. Marcus said

    Ha ‘Magners’! Very subtle!

    Maybe I’ll call myself Bulmers from here on in!

  43. a supporter of the irish mans views said

    lol, i wonder who tht could’ve been?

  44. a supporter of the irish mans views said


  45. Magners said

    he he!!!!

  46. Magners said

    Where have all the Americans gone? Back under their rocks I suppose. I guess that means that Europe wins…….AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Dbt said

    Heh, temper temper. Do you actually have a point other than to accuse my nation of War for Oil and expound on your utter hatred for my nation? Your really pretty funny. You see, you actually think I give a damn. Keep it up and you will blow a gasket.

    Hezbollah and Hamas as legitimate government? Really, so if Al Queda wins a election then there OK? What about Israel? Do they have a say about the atacks on them?

    We shouldn’t have dropped the atomic bomb on poor innocent Japan?
    You expect me to address such total historical BS? They were ready to surrender?

    Hahahahaha, oh, this is funny. Sad but funny.

  48. Marcus said

    DBT, don’t ask me if I have any points because i’ve made them! You just consciously ignore or avoid them so heh that’s your loss!

    So on one hand you accuse the Arab nations of rejecting democracy, yet when the embrace it, YOU reject it? You not making much sense here! As far as i’m concerned, I feel it is a shame that the Arabs have been driven to electing such radical governments. But heh, that’s just what happens when a foreign country invades your land, takes your home, and then kills your friends and family. You get pretty angry!
    And personally I see Hamas and Hezbollah as being equally as legitimate as the US government! Just because the use suicide bombers as opposed to the latest military equipment doesn’t make them any worse! Just equally as bad!

    As for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, well I can accept that the use of the bombs was necessary! But I do think it was a disgrace that no warning was issued!

    So long story short, I am angry at the way the American authorities are behaving because they are destabilising world order!
    You have no right to invade a foreign nation! So stop! Simple as! I’d love to here your response to that because that is a plain as I can put my view point!

  49. Dbt said

    First of all, you make a mistake assuming there is a world order? When in the history of man has the world been ordered?

    So what nation has invaded your lands, taken you homes and killed your friends? Are you talking about Israel? Israel, a construct of the West? Israel was establish partly due to the German execution and displacement of 6 million Jews. European governments have, throughout histroy done some pretty gruesome acts so don’t lecture me on European superiority. European history is awash with blood.

    As to us being the same as Hamas, huh, did we blow up a bus in London or Madrid? What about Indonesia? All to lay at the feet of the US?

    Is there some point where Islamic ideology plays a role here? Is the US to blame for all the worlds ills?

    Are you actually that pissed about Iraq? Were you concerned by the acts Hussain did? Human paper shredders? What about hte fact he paid bombers to execute terror attacks in Israel? Are you trying to convince me this man is a innocent?

    In fact, could he not have complied with the demands of the UN and nothing would have happened? How long do you expect a nation to ignore the rules without consequence?

    The statement that we have no right to invade another nation. Define right? Never? When is it OK to invade another nation? Under what circumstances?

    Why does it matter to you anyway?

    Lets now take a premise, which I do not concede. Lets assume that the war was not warranted. Lets assume that we are there and we shouldn’t have gone.

    Ok, so do we finish the job now? What price is our withdrawl? Do you really want to see fanatics take over? Does this not abandon the Iraqi people to Iran?

    Why doesn’t the EU step up and help? Send troops and help or are you going to wash your hands?

    Was Afganistan warranted? Is it better off now?

    Honestly, I think Iraq was a mistake but I am not one for quitting and leaving others to clean up my mess.

    Not everything in the media is as it seems, perhaps you need to get out and see. Maybe you should visit and see what the US is like and I don’t mean NY city. it is a huge and diverse country. Hatred is a petty emotion that causes heart disease. Relax, were not after you.

    It is funny that I have been told here that:

    We caused WW1
    We did little in WW2 and our troops were bad.
    We shouldn’t have bombed Japan.

    Why didn’t we warn them, well probably so they couldn’t try to stop us. I wasn’t there.

    You know, I see a lot of critisism lately for things that happened long ago. We didn’t live then so who are we to say this and that?

    I mean, Spain destroyed the Aztecs, Britian ruled the world, Germany WW2. The Romans were a nasty bunch? Crusades anyone? In fact, isn’t odd that the Crusades were a response to Muslim invasion? How does that sit? Inquisition anyone? Please, if you want to debate policy sure but do not lecture me that somehow Europeans are more civil and compassionate. Your history is long and bloody as is all history of man.

    I am proudly American and I will not apologize. I have many disagreements with my nations policies. We do tend to throw around power to much. However, let me tell you this.

    If your nation was invaded or attacked we would come to your aid. I have no problem stepping in the line of fire to protect your nation. Would you do the same for us?

    Were not perfect. That we are the most powerful nation I cannot help nor do I apologize. Our power stems from our economic freedoms. That we do not always use it propoerly lies at the feet of politicians and our media. We tend to think here everyone should do the same.

    However, I will not apologize for being American to anyone. Bad and good, I love my country.

  50. Marcus said

    Firstly I meant ‘world order’ in the context of order v chaos! Not the theory that one country has more power than another. So what I am trying to say is that America’s foreign policy is aggravating a lot of people!
    Mostly Arabs! And as you put it, people are akin to bees in that if you mess with the bee hive you’re going to get stung! America are messing with one such bee hive in the Middle East. And as a result, they are putting the West in danger!
    What would happen if the Islamic terrorists hit Sellafield Nuclear plant in England? Thousands of Irish people would be killed! Myself included! So why should I pay for something that doesn’t concern me? Why should I be stung because my neighbour fucked with the bee hive?

    Ireland was invaded by the British not so long ago! It is only one hundred years since British MPs were suggesting that the Irish people weren’t fit to govern themselves! In the same way you are suggesting Arabs are incapable of governing themselves now! But look at our country today! We are more prosperous than we ever were under the British! We too supported radical governments in the past. Governments who advocated behaviour you would now call terrorism! But we did it because we were miss treated by the empire! In the same way Arabs are being miss treated by the American authorities!

    So maybe you should question why Ireland has not been hit by terrorists! Why has France not been hit! Why have the hundreds of other countries, who have refrained from interfering in the Middle East not been hit by terrorism?
    Because these countries are the real advocates of freedom! They leave the Middle Eastern people to live their lives in freedom! They don’t interfere and tell them how to live their lives! Maybe you could learn from that! Then, and only then can America be free from the terrorist threat!

    You ask whether America have blown up buses and trains in Madrid or London! Well maybe not in Madrid or London but there’s no doubt you’ve hit buses and trains in other cities across the Middle east! Just because it doesn’t make CNN doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done! I’ve seen entire cities destroyed by American bombs! Baghdad being one! I’ve seen the infrastructure of cities, purposely being annihilated by American carpet bombing! I’ve seen Lebanon, ripped to pieces by American bombs, fired by Israel! Are you saying that buses and trains haven’t been hit in these attacks? Or is it just that you have become totally anaesthetised to the sight of blood soaked Arabs to the point that their lives are less consequential than those of British, Spanish or American citizens?

    As for Saddam Hussein! Yes he was a brutal bastard! So why did America put him in power???? You still haven’t dealt with that! And why did they fund Osama Bin Laden?
    That is why America’s presence in Iraq worries me! Because they can’t be trusted to do what is right for the people of Iraq!
    Do you honestly trust them to put in place a righteous government, when they have been so hideously wrong in the past!
    And more importantly, do you think that the Iraqi people, having watched America put Saddam in power, want the Yanks to choose their next government? Are you crazy?

    And if UN orders are so important to you, then why did America defy them and invade Iraq? Despite Hans Blix insisting that in fact, Saddam was starting to comply with weapons inspections?

    The reality is that America invaded Iraq, not because the thought they HAD WMDs, but because they KNEW they didn’t!
    Tony Blair and George Bush insisted that Saddam had WMDs that he was capable of launching within 40mins! If they genuinely believed this, then why the hell did they invade! Would an invasion not certainly have prompted Saddam to launch these WMDs? Of course it would! But like I said, Bush and Blair knew he didn’t have these weapons so that wasn’t an issue!

    With regards to the references to the past (WWII), they were brought up by one of your fellow right wingers, who used America’s ‘saving’ of Europe as a reason why I shouldn’t complain about their current foreign policy! I am more than aware that it is totally irrelevant but I agreed to discuss it should the right wingers feel that necessary!
    However whilst we are on the topic of Hiroshima and Nagasaki I will again point out that the Atomic bombs were the lesser of two evils! However there is no excuss for the lack of warning! You suggest that Japan might have tried to stop the attack had the known! But you fail to suggest how! It was an atomic bomb! Virtually unstoppable! A self-proclaimed ‘expert’ on WWII would know that Japan had no such weaponry at their disposal! The ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’ bombs were fired to show Japan the new weapon America had! The idea behind this was to frighten the Japanese into surrender! But would one bomb not have had the same effect? And did the area hit need to be densely populated? There have even been suggestions that America refrained from warning Japan under the instructions of scientists who were unsure whether or not the bombs would work or not! Fearing public humiliation should they warn and then fail to deliver, the Americans fired without a heads up!

  51. Dbt said

    Your one dumb SOB. Geee, HI Japan, were going to launch a attack on your country and here is how and when.

    Do you suppose after 5 years of brutal warfare we were sick of the Japanese dumbshit? Do you actually think after all the US troops went thru they actually cared what the Japanese, at the time thought?

    Sorry, I don’t think so puss master. I have nothing but respect for Japan but at the time, they were a barbaric and ruthless enemy. Face it, your a pussy who cannot accept that wars are won by force.

    Second guess history all you want. It doesn’t change anything except your twisted view of reality.

    Alright, I am ending this uselessness. The original atomic bombs were delivereed by B-29 aircraft. Do you think maybe they were vulnerable to BEING shot down you arrogant asshole? Geee, I was not there but the estimates were 1 million US casualties in a invasion, not including Japanese. If we annouced we were coming do you suppose they might have mounted a air defense? Damn it, I am sick of ignorant assholes like you. Your second guessing 3 generations ago. So the friggin hell what? Your people sold potatos to England and starved your own people for profit. So I should condemn who? Oh thats different because they wern’t Americans? How many Irish came here during the potato famine dorkmeister?

    Lets go a step further. Were you there to make objections? Do you actually know all the details? Second guessing hsitory to hate another nation? Germany roasted 6 million Jews. Do I hate Germans or condemn them for what they did 3 generations ago? Hell no and it was WRONG. Now I am suppose to feel guilty because my nation ended a war where Japan attempted to dominate the entire far east after bombing our base? Just becasue you say so? I live here fudge packer and I know Americans. Your assumptions are based upon Rosy? Geesh, maybe TV is BS? You Tube?

    What a puss. Read some books dork. I am at my end. I could explain if it mattered but here is the killer point. You don’t matter. Your a angry useless person who hates because they have nothing better to do. In fact, the funny part is all the while your bitching and complaining I am working my ass off and becoming everything you obviously despise.

    Waaaa master.

    Kiss my AMERICAN ass dick head.

    Either way the war is over asshole and guess what, we won. I know PERSONALLY people who fought the Japanese. They were a ruthless and formidable enemy. My sisters father killed Japanese soldiers in combat. I have personally discussed this with him before he died. He hated every second of it but did it because it was the right thing to do.

    I know the details.

    ALL the soldiers I have spoken with were terrified of a invasion for they respected the Japanese will to fight. Something you obviously lack in your ignorance.

    As to Hussein, read some history you idiot. We didn’t put him in power. He rose to power. Is there anything you cannot blame on the US? Your twisted view of us is a sickeness.

    Oh, and the claim the entire city of Bagdad was destroyed. The entire city. Every molecule wa disinigrated into dust.

    Hahahah, what a joke. Are you serious? You are either very young or very misled. If we had destroyed Bagdad the city would have been flaming ruins of melted sand. Seen photos of Dresden after the British bombed it in WW2? Iraq looked nothing like that. Your not so innocent. Your ancestors have killed millions.

    How many Billions have we spent on reconstruction?

    The French? They sell out every time. What about the riots they have from Muslim youth?

    Look, get a life. Your way to angry which implies youth. The internet is a poor place to garner knowledge without discipline. You talk of my spelling, maybe I type poorly?

    Yeah, we atack busses all the time don’t we. Yup, there is one now. I see on CNN we attacked a bus load of people. Every day.

    What a joke.

    Anyway, I am far to busy to waste time in a pissing contest. Adios, for I am finished with this uselessness.

    Face it, you simply hate America becasue you hate America.

  52. Marcus said

    Well if you’re so keen on ending this debate then why reply? Why not just go away? Is it because you want to get your views across and then bugger of without listening to those of your opposite?

    Well so be it! I don’t mind ending this discussion because it has become clear that no matter how many times I attempt to hammer my points into your bulbous head, you’re just not intelligent enough to get it!

    However there is one point I feel obliged to address because you insulted my very own relatives! The Irish never ever sold potatoes during the famine! It was their British landlords who sold them! They sold them to the British despite the starvation of millions of Irish citizens! So you can recognise your ignorance privately or publicly I don’t care! Although I know it would bruise your ego to a great extent to do so publicly!

    So to close this debate I would just like to query how it felt to be reduced to childish jibes by someone younger than you? By someone who is obviously so ‘wrong’ in their views? By someone who, no matter how hard you tried, you simple couldn’t prove to be so!

    You have brought nothing but embarrassment upon yourself, and the right wing!


  53. Dbt said

    Ha, what a joke, You reduced me? I din’t give up because you won, as you imagine. I quit because your mind is made up and it was futile. There is a point is is useless.

    You didn’t hurt me at all. Your a legend in your own mind. Emotion filled rage is not a argument.

    I think the expression is forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.

    The most amsuing part is that you actually never made a point yet claim to. You made un-supportable assertations about how Hamas was a legitimate government and that we should have warned Japan of a impending attack.

    I refuted your claims yet do you address that? Nope. Sorry son, your arguments are weak at best. You argue based upon emotion. In fact, leftist ideaology is based upon irrational envy and greed.

    The left is guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    However, your youth shows passion. Someday you will see the immaturity of your ideology and see the light. I recommend some history books and not the PC revisionist books you have apparently been reading.

    I am not embarrased in the least. Why should I be? Your argument is I am right because I say so.
    That is hardly a argument Marcus Erronius.

  54. Dbt said


    Your democratically elected terrorists at work:


    Justify this lefty…

  55. Marcus said

    Explain what? No offense mate but you could have picked plenty of articles more suited to supporting your point! That piece is total crap! And i’m not surprised given it’s written by a crap journalist! It’s sheer opinion! Where are the facts? This is not a judgement of you so don’t take it personally! But that is the most biased thing i’ve read in a long time! Honestly, I would have stopped reading it after the first paragraph had you not suggested I read on!

    I’m not interested in having a heated argument with you because reading your insults is even more tedious than reading James Lewis’ futile attempts at humane journalism! So I will produce some figures which you may find embarrassing in light of your ‘Arabs should leave Israel alone comment’! I’m sure you’ll find them infinitely more difficult to explain away! And if you require sources I will happily comply because these are not facts I have rustled up in my spare time.

    1: No. of Children Killed by the Opposing Side Since Sep 2000
    Israel: 118
    Palestine: 943

    2: Total Citizens Killed Since Sep 2000
    Israel: 1,023
    Palestine: 4,160

    3: No. of Injuries Since Sep 2000
    Israel: 7,633
    Palestine: 31,403

    4: Daily US Aid (this one is where you fit in)
    Israel: $7,023,288
    Palestine: $0

    5: UN Resolutions Aimed at Israel and Palestine (you’ll love this!)
    Israel: 65
    Palestine: 0

    6: Political Prisoners and Detainees
    Israel: 1
    Palestine: 10,756

    7: Demolition of Homes
    Israeli homes: 0
    Palestinian homes: 4,170

    8: Unemployment Rates
    Israel: 9%
    Palestine: 40% (estimation)

    9: Illegal Settlements on the Other’s Land
    Israel: 223
    Palestine: 0

    So like I said, those figures are a little harder to explain away, than that unmitigated rubbish you linked me to!

    I can also list the numerous UN resolutions aimed at Israel! You will notice the regular use of words such as ‘deplorable’, ‘regretable’ etc, used by the UN to describe the behaviour of Israel in said resolutions! And of course, as noted, Palestine have been targeted by zero such resolutions!

    But of course ‘if the Arabs just left them alone maybe the Israelis would do the same’! Do you wish to retract said quote or do you stand by such obsurdity?

    By the way I could also produce some documentation from the American military which might produce a few surprises about Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Shall I go and fetch the said documents??????

  56. the neutral said

    this dbt guy is getting hammered in this discussion with the irish fellow, he cant accept how america is such a mess!! also he never seems to respond to what the irish fellow has to say but completly changes the subject!!

    the country is bad enough with shit sports like american football, basketball and hockey and so for an american to attempt to justify how gr8 the place is absurd! just actually think about what u write dbt as u tlk jackshit half the time, ur points r either irrelivant or just american support! u need to know when ur country goes wrong, us brits know tht the iraq invasion was a mistake but u flamin yanks think it was a gd idea!!

    theres an obvious winner here in this discussion – the irish man!! who says r irish men r thick?

  57. Marcus said

    Shocking footage from a Libyan News station called Farsi TV on 01/04/2007:

    These guys are the real criminals

  58. Dbt said

    So my country suck because of Football? I have seen some truly feckless arguments but this is supreme. I am getting hammered? Maybe I don’t jump all over the diatribe because in the US we are to busy making money?

    As to Palastine, give me a break. I am so amazed how they get a total pass for rockets and suicide bombings. I notice how you ignore the indoctination of children with hate and Jihad. I notice how you ignore the fact that maybe if they left Israel alone that Israel migh leave them alone?

    Anit-Semitism abounds.

  59. Dbt said

    Let me ask, your a University student are you not?

  60. Marcus said

    Dbt, are you able to read? I’m sick of this! If you avoid what I said in post 55 once more i’m simply going to end this conversation and wait for someone to appear who at least tries to refute what I say!

    And I didn’t ‘ignore’ your silly little ‘Mickey Martyr’ crap because there’s nothing to ignore! The article has no substance at all! Is the programme called Mickey Martyr? Haha doubtful! Just a simple example of right wing, propagandist manipulation!
    The most controversial quote the journalist can muster up is:
    “You and I are laying the foundation for a world led by Islamists. We will return the Islamic community to its former greatness, and liberate Jerusalem, God willing, liberate Iraq, God willing, and liberate all the countries of the Muslims invaded by the murderers.”
    Albeit to heavy a truth to lay on the shoulders of a child, it is exactly that, a truth! Is it ‘evil’ for Muslims to want to liberate their own people? Is it evil for Muslims to reject American and Israeli values?

    I never gave Palestinians a total pass for suicide bombings or rocket use actually! But I prefer to look at the roots of the problem! Israel!
    For someone who feels he should be allowed shoot an intruder of his home who presents a danger, you have some neck to criticize Palestinians! They have been forcefully removed from their homes! Pretty horrific though ehh? They have been constantly attacked by Israel! Something which the figures I provided and you AVOIDED proves!
    So my question to you is:
    If it were you and your family who were thrown from your homes, attacked daily by the most advanced military equipment available, and then VILIFIED in the media! Would you just ‘leave Israel alone’?

    I would also appreciate if you would address the figures i was so kind to present in post 55! I’m not expecting you too but heh, they are pretty damning!

    By the way I am starting art college next year! Why?

  61. the neutral said

    the bit about pathetic sports was jus sumin to get out of my system, i also think its pathetic calling football ‘soccer’

    anyway when i stated tht u were getting hammered dbt i meant tht ur points in comparison to marcus’s r a total joke

  62. a canadian person said

    i hate being neighbours with the americans, all they ever cause is trouble!

  63. everybody in the world said

    nascar SUCKS!!!

  64. The Neutral said

    well seems like nobody likes america

  65. AcidDrip said

    Dear Marcus and DBt, many thanks for your amusing posts! I have a feeling that the best thing you two chaps could do would be to swap actual email addresses and arrange to meet up in some sort of Charity Boxing Match, which I personally would be delighted to referee. The effort you have both expended would be much better used in a quick pugilistic encounter… then you could just hug (like only REAL men can) and go for a beer and a chat. I find a bleeding nose gets things in perspective for me… just like confronting a road-rager or actually being in a combat situatiuon. which I hazard a guess by your amazing rhetoric, neither of you have been? (The moment a warrior confronts his foe.. all things come into focus) Please correct me if I am wrong. good luck to both of you and relax guys.

  66. The Neutral said

    frm wot we’ve seen i think they r more of a verbal fighter than a physical

  67. AcidDrip said

    The neutral… I fear you are so right! Plenty of wars would be solved so simply if the two leaders would get in the ring… how about George W Versus Osama BL… imagine the Pay per view sales!!!

  68. Paual Angelique Hafner said

    Everyone has knonw of Irans involvement with the mafia, terrorist groups, hostages, training and recruiting, gun supplies across borders, etc…for years. Iran is the Mother of all Terrorism and it goes much deeper than anyone is willing to admit. What ever is known or not know by the intelligence communities is only the tip of the iceberg. Irans government is sponsoring Terrorism.

  69. Marcus said

    So does America’s!

  70. Message 22 says the Irish fought the Germans. That is bull because the Irish never fought them (It assisted them!!!)! It was the English so you better read your history Marcus!

    Also the Yanks went in to WWI when it was ‘none of their business’ , then because of the savage loss of life the families of the US didn’t want to get involved in another war, plus the fact that there were quite a few German migrants living in the US who had some political power with the anti-war movement. This caused the US to stand still (while China was being raped by Japan) until 1941 when the American people had the writing on wall and had to let their President lead, just like in 2001.
    So don’t go getting all psycho on us because you think your country ‘fought’ which it clearly DID NOT! which actually supported the Germans and never even bothered to help the Allies in World War II!!! Hypocrite, go back to the rock you were lying under and tell your leftie friends to do the same.

  71. Also Marcus on MSG 22 refuses to ackonwledge the lengths of British and US efforts of aiding the Soviets with war materials. The Soviets lost 20 million people, courtesy of Stalin being a partner with Hitler. When Stalin got attacked by this criminal he turns to the allies to help! Now don’t credit your Stalin with a miracle. In Italy, France and Africa along with Allied bombing raids on Germany (NOT SOVIET you MORON) the Allies, that is US, British and Canadian troops actually fought the Germans.
    Maybe you should care to study history as the Soviets didn’t supply aid to the US or Britain. The US was aiding the British from the very beginning.
    Your anti-Americanism is normal here in Australia and I am sure you would get along with the knowledge-less crowd here just fine.

    US foreign policy?
    Iranian Revolution in 1979, Hostage Takeover of US embassy.
    Why do radical Islamists hate the USA?
    Saddam was a menace not only for WMD (which exist in Syria today where the money and top people from Saddam’s administartion fled to) but to the world’s oil supply. Kuwait was a justification for UN measures to disarm him. Unfortunately he broke every rule in the book and then some.
    The US did not deserve a terrorist strike in September 2001. It was only because the Politics of the US had allowed terrorism to go so unnoticed in the 90s that a bigger ‘declaration of war’ was needed.
    So until we see Syrian and Iranian aggression in the Middle East we will be left in suspense I thinks…….
    And Britain is withdrawing troops from Iraq. Why did Britain get bombed? Weakness=TARGET!

  72. Dbt Says:
    June 6th, 2007 at 6:53 am
    Marcus, you may not care about our Bill of Rights but WE DO. It is what seperates us from tyrants. It is what set us apart.

    I own and have owned guns my entire life and I have never hurt anyone. It is called morality and personal responsibility. All the laws in the world from leftist do gooders cannot legislate what should be taught in the home.

    As to the US doing little to save Europe I suggest you pick up some books. On this anniversary of D-Day I will remember how little we did for your side. I will remember how we GAVE arms to the UK in a attempt to stop Hitler since Europe, like today, was to spineless to stop him. I will remember the 19,000 US men killed at Normandy in one day was doing nothing. I will remember the men who drowned in swamps because they missed landing sites. I will remember those men who died making you free. The men who did so little for your side.

    When the Muslim Nazi’s march on Eurpoe someday you can kiss my *** because I am not coming this time. Hope your wife like the fashions.

    Amen DBT, these Irish are so gutless they wouldn’t know what to do with a gun (Australia is similar to Ireland too!).

    Amen, I remember. God Bless USA.

  73. Magners Says:
    June 11th, 2007 at 4:49 am
    Where have all the Americans gone? Back under their rocks I suppose. I guess that means that Europe wins…….AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cross out EUROPE, and add ‘EURABIA’.

  74. I think Marcus hates everyone. Reading the messages he says he hates, hates and hates.

    Get a life Marcus. Find a girl! Maybe you will see the light then……..

  75. Marcus said

    Whow! Five whole post of stultifying, brain-melting ignorance!

    Ireland as a country remained “neutral” (and you’ll see why that is in inverted commas in a moment) but thousands of young Irish men took it upon themselves to join the British army, despite tensions between the two countries. The loss of their lives is testimony enough to your ignorance thank you!

    Furthermore Ireland maintained a stance during the war known today as “pro-allied neutrality’. For the uninformed this means that although on the surface our country appeared neutral, we supplied the allies with access to our airspace and the treaty ports at Berehaven, Lough Swilly and Cobh.

    A series of wartime British political intelligence inquests into “The General Situation in Eire” report:
    “During March sources throughout Eire reported a troubled feeling on account of disasters and losses suffered by the allies…In spite of anti-British opinions aired in public, the overwhelming majority of the people are clearly pro-British at heart in the present struggle….”It has been aptly said that Eire’s neutrality is her own private war. It satisfies her spirit of defiance and independence and she is determined to show that she can win. It seems that Eire will abandon neutrality only if she becomes involved in a quarrel of her own with the Axis powers. A responsible official of the Department of External Affairs was recently asked whether Eire would abandon her neutrality if the Pope were persecuted or taken prisoner. He replied quite seriously: Who knows? That is the only question which might set things moving.

    And so the first in your compilation of slanderous misrepresentations is laid bare. Now for the next…….

    Firstly, “your Stalin”? Are you illiterate or just thick as pig shit? I know as well as you that Stalin was a brutal, callous bastard! So your obvious interpretation of the entire left as crazed Stalinists says more about your intellect, or lack their of, than it does of mine!

    Secondly I never suggested, nor attempted to suggest, that America didn’t support the Russians. I know perfectly well that they did! I have however pointed out that their support was largely ineffectual due to the conditions in Russia at the time! Not through any fault of their own, but a pint worth noting nonetheless.

    Anyway, regardless of whether they did or they didn’t, you have obviously utterly misinterpreted my point. I was suggesting that the Russians were integral to the defeat of the Nazis, but that this cannot be used as a shield to deflect from the atrocities carried out by Stalin. In the same way that righteous American influence in WWII should not be used as cover for the wrongs being committed in the Middle East today, as many commentators on this site have done!

    Why do you think we are talking about WWII on a site regarding Iran?
    Because one of your right wing buddies used it as a means to deflect from questions about the here and now that he couldn’t answer. Not because I want to trivialise the efforts of your soldiers! No. Because the right wing will happily flaunt the deaths of the brave, to further their own goals! As you are unwittingly doing.

    As for Saddam, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; given he was so clearly a tyrant, why did America support him?
    I have also pointed out the following in the past, only for it to be ignored but I will say it again. If Saddam had WMDs then what did the Americans plan to do on invading the country? Surely Saddam would have utilised such weaponry on being invaded. For this reason I believe that America invaded Iraq, not because they had WMDs but because they DIDN’T. It is for the same reason that America wouldn’t dare invade China. And also the same reason that America didn’t invade Russia during the Cold War!

    And so it transpires that every word you uttered was a lie! Oh well. Such is the unfortunate existence of a belligerent swine such as yourself!

    So goodbye for now from the apparently ‘gutless’ yet independent Irishman!

  76. The Neutral said

    im guessing tht ur american daniel!! i cant halp but notice how once again an american defends his country when the whole world is against them, everybody bar america accepts all the points in this forum!! just bcos ur american doesnt mean u have to defend the govt tht lies to u daily!

    also nascar is shit, tht guy ‘everybody in the world’ certainly knows his stuff!

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  80. Lujack Skylark said

    Does it make a difference that Ahmadinejad was one of the hostage takers? September 2005 German pope Benedict XVI stated the Roman Catholics and Moslems worshipped the same god. Pope Benedict XVI supports Abbas in the Palestinian demand to make Israel’s West Bank a Palestinian terrorist nation. Pope Benedict met with the Polish cardinal who is anti-Semitic; the cardinal still has his job. But pope Benedict XVI calls all Christians outside the Mother Church an anathema! Christians who read their Bibles are cursed while Moslem terrorists like Abbas are blessed. People have no idea who their real enemies are!

  81. Lujack Skylark said

    Ahmadinejad is the first devil;Ahmadinejad will be defeated on the battlefield. The second devil is in Europe. WEU = 10 nations. 1)Belgium 2)France 3)Great Britian 4)Greece 5)Germany 6)Italy 7)Luxembourg 8)Netherlands 9)Portugal & 10)Spain. Jerusalem Post article: Europe to Host the NGO attack on Israel. Commetator #38. “I admit Europe is the anti-Christ. Recently, the EU made the most powerful office in history with WEU document 666! May God have mercy on us!” If document 666 is connected to ten kings/leaders, the anti-Christ walks amongst us. Defeat of Ahmadinejad then leads to the anti-Christ rise to power. By peace Daniel 8:25 the anti-Christ destroys many. (Daniel 7:24 & Revelation 17:12)

  82. Tom said

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made the sestruction of Israel his avowed policy. Ahmadinejad’s declaration in 2005 that “Israel should be wiped of the map” was met by widespread international outcry. Yet the declaration was not an isolated incident. For Further reading … “Referral of Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the Charge of Incitement to Commit Genocide”


  83. Lao said

    Great so now we can safely say that he was the hostage taker.

    What needs to be done is the following – the visas issued need to be revoked immediately without further delay.

    Here is how

    An American Expat in Southeast Asia

  84. […] https://dangeroustimes.wordpress.com/2006/12/15/news-ahmadinejad-was-a-hostage-taker/ […]

  85. Tom said

    In the aftermath of the second Lebanon war there has been a fundamental shift in Israel’s strategic environment. With an unprecedented proliferation of Iranian missiles and rockets, there is now a critical need to raise the priority for comprehensive missile defense. This means, in addition to passive defense and offensive operations, active defense against the full range of threats, and Defense in Depth: planning for multiple, overlapping systems to assure the highest possible security with the lowest possible risk.

    On October 22 a a forum will take place and it will explore the threats, the strategies, defense options and costs for comprehensive missile defense in the Middle Eat Arena.
    The forum will start at 10 in the morning and end at 3 in the afternoon (Israel’s time).

    It can be watched live on the Internent


  86. Tim Ball said

    This allegation was made when he was elected 2 years ago – do try and keep up

  87. Anonymous said

    Fucking camel shit mother fuckers! You towelhead motherfuckers douchebags. Now go and rape your wives and brainwash your children.

  88. Anonymous said

    Sorry I take that last comment, wasn’t thinking right.

  89. Bobby said

    Marcus! Honestly, bravo. I wish I could add something further but you already conveyed these views in such a well poised and articulate manner. This dbt could only resort to name calling and non-sequiturs.

    Just want to add one point actually. Here is one of the most prominent quotes which unites the irrational Iran basher:

    “We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah,” he declared in a speech in 1980 in Qom. “For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

    It never existed. Khomeini never said it. This quote was a claim made by the serial fabricator Amir Taheri and has been used to depict the Iranian government as suicidal and murderous regime. But the source claimed by Taheri has never been found. And here is James Lewis using it so casually. Honestly, some people see no bounds when it comes to deceit.

  90. perianwyr said

    The hostages were quickly released when Ronald Reagan took office. Apparently Khomeini was more afraid of Reagan than Carter.

    This should more accurately read “The hostages were quickly released following the Algiers Accords. Khomeini later found Reagan’s government more willing to make arms deals with terrorists and hostage-takers.”

  91. Lujack Skylark said

    November 27-28 meeting where all the world’s leaders decided to destroy Israel has blossomed more. Shortly after the meeting Bush says,”There is no Axis of Evil” & today Bush approves of Russia supplying nuclear fuel to Iran. The entire Quartet wants Israel destroyed. Zechariah 12:2-3 Bush has angered God by telling the terrorists he will give them east Jerusalem. God says he will cut to pieces all nations messing with Jerusalem. When Ahmadinejad launches World War III, all the plagues from Revelation chapter 6 onward will come to life.

  92. Mark E. said

    Great find James and nice new piece on Iran in AT.

  93. MacUSMC said

    Ahmadinejad? He is a piker compelled to the evil forces who are destroying our freedoms from within! There is no one either in Congress or running for President who cares for the citizens of the USA. No one is really addressing the real problems of this country but intent on protecting their power by pumping out imcreasingly devalued dollars. Everywhere political correctness is trumping common sense to the degree that I fear for our progeny.

  94. Bid said

    You Americans make me laugh. Here in the UK I am a school teacher. But you don’t need to be a teacher to know about the Shar or Iran. The brutal ditator that the USA installed there, and the fact that Iran was the most modern democracy in the mid east at the time. You have brought this on yourselves with your meddling, and your still at it in Iraq and Afganistan. You are creating these loonies. This mag should be called American Idiot. Please stop messing up the world. Have you ever won a war yet?? Please stop.
    (and before you make another mistake. NO you did not win WW2, so why not read up who took Berlin and ended the war and while your at it the history of the mid east. Hint: Your media lies to you)

  95. Keith Lehman said

    Fox News Watcher:
    You seem intelligent – why do you have to insult people to get your point across?
    True, our previous foreign policy blunders haven’t helped much; however, the most damaging was during the Carter and Clinton administration, of which the former is the one who sent “bullets” to Saddam with the concept of “our enemy’s enemy” – meaning Iran versus Iraq. Iran had intention on overrunning Iraq/Saddam and taking it over with a puppet Caliphate government. The result was an eight-year war. And because Iran was indifferent and a declared enemy of the United States, we mistakenly took the side of Saddam. Of course, at that time it wasn’t known what a horrible, tyrannical mass murderer he was and became.
    Thought I would clear that point up. …

  96. Keith Lehman said

    Bid: [Bid Says] –
    I wouldn’t be so swift about putting down Americans. The British have done a wonderful job of letting the mullahs and Moslem fanatics take control of the UK society and it’s government policies in the name of tolerance and political correctness.
    Have we ever won a war? Well, yes, specifically World War II and several others. Korea doesn’t count because it became a cease fire but the object of preventing South Korea from becoming overrun by Communists was a victory. And, if it wasn’t for America and Winston Churchill, England would have been speaking German. Did you say you are a teacher? I hope you are not teaching history.
    England and every nation on Earth has had leadership that has made blunders.
    Yes, our media is not up and up when it comes to objectivity – but neither is yours. How unfair. If we didn’t win World War II (with our allies, of course) – who did? I think you have been brainwashed by some unknown entity.
    I know, have worked with and communicate with folks from United Kingdom, and just like here in America there are those who are pompous asses. Your one of them. Thank goodness the majority gives a better representation of your wonderful United Kingdom than you do.

  97. Keith Lehman said

    By the way, there was one important war we won – the War of Independence from pompous aristocrats like you. And we kicked the British army again in the War of 1812.
    No offense fellow British compatriots and ally.

  98. James Wilson said

    I have been reading your stuff and you seems to depend on the reading to be ignorant of History and the CIA overthrow of the Iranian Government.
    If is a hard word, but if the U.S. Government had sought to just do business with what ever government was in power in any country and do it with respect for that country and the citizens of that country. Long ago the chance to say to these nations we would pay a fair price for any natural resources so as not to be robbing the citizens of their country of their natural equity. Would not the USA have reached and hold the highest respect from all the nations of the world long long ago. NOW THAT IS PRICELESS! Imagine the influnence the USA would hold right now if things had only been done honestly.

    Instead we allow the use of the CIA, World Bank and others to seek way to drain any and all profit from every nation we deal with. If they refuse history has shown them violence is the next step in any realtionship with the U.S..
    Now this is all being done in the name of the American People who are intentional lulled to sleep with misdirection and other media attack.
    Why not wake them up and let them decide if this how they want their country to do business?
    Would it interfer with your war machine?

  99. Diffusive said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Diffusive!!!

  100. CCPAC said

    Mr. Lewis,

    I have started a PAC in Virginia called Commonwealth Conservative Political Action Committee. I seek to direct the majority of the PAC’s energies toward the publication of a periodical called the “Virginian Argus.” It will be a quarterly, tabloid-sized, newsprint publication which will run 10,000 copies per issue. The purpose of the publication is to advance ‘conservative’, not neo-conservative, and libertarian social and political concerns in a region which has long been under the sway of the Democratic party. I would like to be able to use an article you wrote called “How Crypto-Marxism Won the Cold War” in the publication. I will use the article in its entirety with no editing. Clearly, you will be given full credit for the article. Please let me know if this is O.K. with you and if there are any other conditions which you would require so that I might reprint this article.

    Thank you

  101. archer said

    i imagine someone dropped this link to image of ahmadenijad with hostage somewhere above but here it is in case it was missed. http://www.emergentchaos.com/images/alleged-Ahmadinejad.jpg

  102. Parantar said

    ohh. can’t believe his a hostage taker

  103. jen said

    Coincidentally the guy who cleaned my rugs, who used to be a Shi’ite, told me this last weekend. It can’t be a huge mystery if some little man from St. Paul, MN knows this information.

  104. TechNald said

    can’t believe that!

  105. Yrvhdsge said


  106. Prometheus said

    Its fascinating, the array of worthless humanity that comes crawling under the umbrella of rampant idealism. Particularly with neo-conservatism. You have the paragon scum like James Lewis (under investigation for murder), and Rush Limbaugh (pain-killer addict), who essentially become what they are under a thin veil of self-worship. Then there’s the rest of you, the common varieties of wasted intellect. You are the fundamentalists, both political and religious, whose self entitlement and ego driven surety far outweigh your stature as cowardly individuals, who would be glad to bring suffering to all who disagree, so long as your fearless addled leaders do it for you. Ah, but karma will likely bring some kind of ruin to such as you…

  107. Hampang said

    is he really a hostage taker??? where is he now?

  108. Cory Cong said

    but why??? what’s wrong?

  109. […] watch, how many in Hollywood would have blamed him for Roxana’s horrific situation? Not the hostage-takers, mind you. Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical […]

  110. […] watch, how many in Hollywood would have blamed him for Roxana’s horrific situation? Not the hostage-takers, mind you. Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical […]

  111. he needs to face the consequences against the accusations he has.

  112. jayaren said

    wth?! Somehow, i have missed the point, anyhoo great find and props to the author.

  113. Cezille said

    1979 was too long ago. But he has to pay for illegal things he had done before.

  114. that’s so sad…

  115. den parser said

    I hate people like this. This people must be tortured and be in prison.

  116. via said

    never give up

  117. Anonymous said

    Hi James,

    I like your attitude to reporting and debating politics, economics and social issues. in particular the stuff you wrote on the Gullible liberal, i really like that. However in this article some of the facts or interpretation of events are very incaurate. I know a lot of it is referenced from other peoples work, but it just goes to show how tricky it is to decifer the facts. I would definitly not rely on Mark Bowden as a relieable source. Overall this is good stuff, just do a bit more research on the Carter-Reagan affair and you will relies what I mean.

    You have a good writing talent, keep -up the good work

  118. is he really a hostage taker??? where is he now?

  119. Fx15 said

    thanks reply

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  121. i guess he is a hostage taker because of some news that I read.

  122. Kathy said

    you are right, lotto. I believe in that also.

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    News: Ahmadinejad was a hostage taker. « Dangerous Times

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